New debut album ‘Some Kind of Holiday’ from Michael Golden is powerfully personal and fearlessly honest

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Singer-songwriter-cum-poet Michael Golden released his beautifully haunting debut album, 12-track LP ‘Some Kind of Holiday’, on November 20th.

Following the successful releases of three singles taken from the album, ‘Mr. Ecstasy’, ‘Ship in a Bottle’ and ‘The Rhine’, Michael Golden offers his listeners a deep insight into his own past with this poignant and unique debut album, produced by Michael himself with support from producer and musician Paul Mahern.

With sensitive, elegant and sincere lyrics – which certainly showcase Michael’s extensive experience and innate talent in songwriting – accompanied simply by guitars, piano, cello or harps in the various 12 tracks, the album in its whole creates a general atmosphere of peace and nostalgia.

The album in its whole creates a general atmosphere of peace and nostalgia.

‘Some Kind of Holiday’ stands out from other albums of its time as it renounces the clichés of über pop-y melodies, heavy drum beats, and overly-produced electronic instrumentation. There is a distinct emphasis placed upon the words and melodies in each and every song, and this simplicity allows for a true relationship to build between artist and listener.

A true relationship between artist and listener.

The album’s title track, ‘Some Kind of Holiday’, immediately determines this relationship. Michael’s melancholy and mournful vocals, highlighted by quiet string accomanpiments, appeal to the listener to ride out these difficult times with him and to indulge themselves in the mellow feel of the song. It is a cathartic experience, and one that would be impossible without Michael’s profound lyrics and ethereal voice.


Other stand-out tracks on the album include ‘Keep on Breathin” and ‘New Kind of Love’.

The beautiful and catchy track ‘Keep on Breathin” develops the relationship between Michael and the listener further. Backed by a cheerful guitar melody, he encourages you carry on despite the difficulties that life can throw at you. This powerful and uplifting message is embodied in stunning harmonies and the additional layers of vocals at the refrain. It is a song that stays with you long after you’ve finished listening to it.

It is a song that stays with you long after you’ve finished listening to it.

‘New Kind of Love’ has a nostalgic and heartfelt feel to it, oweing to a memorable and sweet guitar melody, gorgeous cello and, of course, Michael’s warm and ever-friendly vocals. There is a perfect balance between melancholy and optimism in this album, often even in the individual tracks, and this allows for deep inner reflection on life and love.

Put simply – ‘Some Kind of Holiday’ is a delight of an album. Treat yourself to its soothing, candid and beautiful songs with their poetic lyrics and Michael’s wonderful vocals. You mustn’t miss this!

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