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Always more music coming out, always new sounds and looks, questions to answer and answers to question, styles to pick apart and intentions to ponder…here are the new major releases that have us twitching in our seats.

1. Is Billie Eilish indie?

No – because she’s huge – or yes – because she follows her own path and stays true to her own idea of herself…you decide. But while you do, enjoy the brand new just-released music video to Oxytocin…

2. Miles Away – The Money War

A bit of a jump, you might say, but why not? We’re loving the new song and video from Aussie excellent shoegazers The Money War, MIles Away…

3. Tinderbox – ponte pilas

Ponte Pilas Fridays-for-Future-inspired single Tinderbox came out this month and shows Berlin’s favourite indierock newcomers going from strength to strength…

4. Girl in White – Naviband

With the political repression and governmental violence against peaceful protesters seeming to mirror so much of what is, depressingly, going on in the world, Belarusian band – who desribe themselves as non-political – turn protest into a thing of beauty with their ode to the female protesters who wear (wore?) white, with Girl in White.

5. Asking for a Friend – Chvrches

Indie darlings Chvrches release their new album Screen Violence, reliably good as ever – here’s Asking for a Friend.

6. What Would You Do? – Nonne / Pink Sweat$

Okay, this one did come out in June, but I only just came across it and fell in love with it – so I get to include it anyway 🙂 This is Nonne with Pink Sweat$ and What Would You Do.

7. Olivia Rodrigo – Brutal

Seems I was a little slow in finding out about Olivia Rodrigo but hey, if it floats your boat…here’s the young indie lady who seems after not to be much of a secret, but this number’s so much fun…well…you be the judge. Here she is with Brutal…

8. Little Simz – Introvert / I love you I hate you (Acoustic Version – NPR Tiny Desk Concert)

Little Simz is no newcomer and yet, somehow, she is, at least on mainland Europe. Releasing her first full album in 2015 and winning an Ivor Novello award and an NME award, as well as being nominated for the Mercury Prize, for her third studio album Grey, her recent single Introvert established once again the power and quirky sense of independence that she’s become known for. This came out a couple of months ago, but I do get to include her acoustic version which is the first song on her NPR Tiny Desk concert that she performed on 31st August – keep watching for the 2nd song, I Love You I Hate You, which is an ancient classic she just made up…

And that’s our wrap up of Things That Made Us Twitch: best indie singles from the month of August 2021…enjoy them and see you next month!

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