New Orleans native Ikill Orion’s unique take on scifi erotic pop

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          Born and reared in New Orleans, along with Jazz and Gospel music, Ikill Orion has graced the music scene, following in the footsteps of his great grandfather, a piano player of French decent. It is his destiny to be musical and he proves to us, he has what it takes.

          When asked about his inspiration behind his sexy, outgoing tunes, Orion states “The inspiration to create music didn’t just come from one source it flourished out of a hunger,burning desire & necessity to express myself fully. In essence the relationship I have with music is one that is both soulful & spiritual. He also claims, Early “(Golden Age)” hip hop played a huge significant role in shaping his views and ideas of the world.  Through the powerful medium of music, Ikill says “making it becomes a shapeshifting tool for self-reflection, self awareness and self confidence—music is my religion”.

          The “Le Nude.Wav” singer describes the music that he typically creates as ” bold, sexy, pure, provocative and celestial”. He believes in the power of authenticity. “As an artist/global brand, you have the responsibility to push the creative envelope”. Ikill Orion does just that. He is driven to challenge the Norm in order to create “timeless, original, not watered down or  filtered” and “uncompressed new sound”. He is definitely taking responsibility into his own music because his featured songs “$candalust” and “Dreamashine” push the creative envelope.

Photo credit: Hitomi Okuno

           Ikill Orion, when asked about his creative process responded with “The process varies depending on whats going on in the world or what specifically I am trying to say, message I want to convey etc..  it could start with an idea, evolve into a concept which later morphs/manifest into a mantra. I try to always be present in the moment without dictating where a song idea, melody, beat, or chorus can or can’t co-exist within the framework of what I am creating. It could depend on my mood, the atmosphere, my environment–they all work in harmony when I am in deep concentration creative mode.There’s no right or wrongs in the process ..for me it’s very liberating to let the animal out that’s inside of me”. The deep words of Ikill Orion are those of intellectual positivity and grace. Truly inspiring.

          Asked “who would you like to collaborate with?” Ikill responded with “Producers I am most fond of as often times they don’t get enough credit for being the geniuses that they are and what such impact they bring to society.I do have a wishlist of a few producers/composers/sound designers that I feel would do my sound & style justice. One being Dr.Dre. Everything he touches is magic! The second would be Rick Rubin (both him & Russell Simmons single handedly built Def Jam and made hip hop a global phenomena) third would be Trent Reznor of “Nine Inch Nails”. His play on sound has influenced so many producers, whether they know it or not. Lastly would be Depeche Mode, not only are they the best band on the planet they’re musical integrity has had a profound impact on me!”. He has definitely thought this through and came up with brilliance. True gold.

          He sings in the shower ladies and gentlemen! When asked if he sang in the shower Ikill mentioned that he has been singing his new singles/showstoppers in the shower. He is planning on bringing his singles from the shower to the stage. -All dripping wet in his glory.

         Ikill has had the honor to perform all over the globe at festivals and concert tours in the US, UK and Japan. He’s looking forward to tour Europe and
especially going to Germany.

          In addition to Ikill Orion’s double single “Le Nude.Wav”, which is available on Spinnup/Universal Music, he has a genderless unisex clothing brand “NEO” (New Exclusive Orion) high fashion street wear private capsule Spring/Summer collection will be available online April 22nd in conjunction with Earth Day’s 50th anniversary. Portions of the proceeds from both the release of Le Nude.Wav & NEO S/S’20 spring collection will go to Portions of the proceeds from both the release of Le Nude.Wav & NEO S/S’20 spring collection will go to Amnesty International. Doing a little bit of it all, Ikill is co-owner of Japanese luxury lifestyle organic green tea brand KYO-T which will be available online
April 1st via Amazon distribution in the US and UK. A busy man who makes it look effortless, Ikill Orion is inspiration to all who follow his art. I’d expect big things to come from him and his brand this year. Do not be surprised if you hear his unique name out on the streets weather or not you are talking about your threads or the latest song you’ve been blasting In the car. His name will be spoken and his brand will be unstoppable.

Ikill Orion– Le Nude.Wav – Out Now! Universal Music

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