Nosoyo in Interview: “Don’t silence my song”

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Boy/girl duo Nosoyo turned up in Berlin fresh-faced and wide-eyed from Amsterdam, where they’d met and got together, six or seven years ago now.

After a run of brilliant pop singles and a constantly growing and enthusiastic fanbase, they found themselves fighting through the music industry, signed first to their producer’s label, and then to what used to be Ministry of Sound.

But things went wrong, as they often do in the music industry that we both love and hate, and it hasn’t been plain sailing for Nosoyo.

Which is why it’s doubly satisfying to see them come back with a new album, Loud and Shameless, as fresh-faced, funky and full of beans as ever.

We were very happy to get Daijm de Rijke and Donata Kramarz from Nosoyo onto a Zoom interview, together with a few of their diehard fans, for a good long chat about where they’ve been, where they’re going, and what happened in between!

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