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I go to know the South-London singer Raye from her massive recent hit with 070 Shake, Escapism. Hardcore perfect hard-hitting pop – see below. Which led me to check out what she’d done in the past, and I was unfortunately a bit disappointed with what I came across from previous singles.

Or, if you prefer the acoustic live version:

It’s only now that I’ve found out that Raye got stuck in a major label deal where the album she really wanted to make got stuck away somewhere while she was instead forced to put out pop singles that whatever idiot it was at the major label in question who they’d put in charge of her, had decided would be her metier.

a voice that melts anything and anyone at nine yards

And also that she was largely a songwriter, crafting hits for other singers.

Which is why I was doubly happy to be blown away by the Raye that I found singing on the NPR Tiny Desk concert: extremely jazzy, a voice that melts anything and anyone at nine yards, a cool style and persona, and a brilliant band backing her up.

Apparently she’s only got to make her own album, in the style she wanted, after getting out of the major label deal and going independent.

So take 20 minutes out of your day, kick back and just enjoy this performance.

Raye’s link tree at The Orchard

Main photo by Drew de F Fawkes used under a Creative Commons CC 2.0 Licence, cropped to fit.

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