Review: ELYAZ’s epic new tune Wildlands unites us all as Warriors of the Earth

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Italian musician, producer and singer ELYAZ is back with his powerful new single Wildlands, masterfully integrating beautiful Nordic-esque vocals with bass, synth and drums in the style of EDM, to produce a track which is both poignant and exceptionally energetic.

A song that really makes you feel at one with the world.

Wildlands’ charming and melodic intro of strings and piano already hints at the intense energy to come with the solid beat and a rich unity among the instruments. Sentimental yet provoking lyrics highlighting the beauty of the world connect this alluring beginning to the dynamic and memorable chorus, and its subsequent catchy and powerful drum sequence almost feels like a call to arms to protect our planet.

We’re all warriors protecting and respecting our wild planet.

ELYAZ (pronounced “ee-lie-as”, real name Mauro Elias Morone) has a longstanding passion for creating music, and released his first songs as a producer in 2016. Wildlands follows the success of previous singles Whispers (2016), which gained a Top 10 position in Spinnin’ Records’ Talent Pool , and Break the Distance (2018).

Wildlands expresses the greatness and power of earth, encouraging each and every listener to feel at one with the world. As the artist himself explained in an Interview on BroadTube: “We will run far away, with the overall message being powerful and combative. We are all warriors protecting and respecting our wild planet.”

Wildlands’ eclectic mix of beautiful vocals, enjoyable melodies and the feverishly powerful chorus and beats elegantly demonstrates the harmony of the world, and incites all of us to unite as warriors of the earth.The individualism of ELYAZ’s music and its story-telling nature opens up an entirely new plane on which he is able to incite real change.

Having begun a new chapter in his style of production, ELYAZ has many future projects planned, and we are very excited to hear what stories he decides to tell next!

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