Review: Liam Mour – Ode to Youth: fantastical and engaging

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Ode to Youth is the first single from the debut EP of the same name (Ode to Youth) by electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist Liam Mour, coming out this July on his own label.

All of the tracks on this upcoming EP were written, recorded, produced and mixed by Liam at his own studio at the famed Funkhaus in Berlin. In order to transport the same feelings and possibilities that Liam had as a youngster, he decided to limit his studio set up drastically and only use his favourite synths, best drum machines, and only minimal effects.

Fantastical and engaging breaks and crescendos

One can tell that Ode to Youth contains a kind of longing for that magical spirit of youthfulness where the line between fantasy and reality are much more blurred. The track is spectral yet unembellished as it builds upon itself with rippling electronic arpeggios and subtle grainy waves coming from Liam’s simplified studio set up.

“A fully present and nearly danceable percussive groove, all centred within a cascade of smoothly woven rhythms”

As a composition it has some fantastical and engaging breaks and crescendos, as well as some recognizably vintage sounding drum machine snare beats that build up through the second wave of the song into a fully present and nearly danceable percussive groove, all centred within a cascade of  smoothly woven rhythms.

Meticulous mixing and inventive production

This single track does hit that daydreaming nerve of adolescence where one can just stare out the window getting lost in space. Liam’s ‘Ode to Youth’ exhibits an optimistic poetry that employs the language of  electronica and that has been given a whimsical sentiment through what seems to have been a more improvised kind of performance, that’s then been sculpted down through some meticulous mixing and inventive production.

This is an excellent track to chill out in the green grass on a summers evening to, contemplating the potential to get inspired again. In all of its young affection Liam Mour’s music is anything but juvenile.

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