Review – Rahal’s Problems of Prosperity EP: dance-inducing, attention-tripping ear candy

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Rahal is a band visiting us from some star system light years in the future with their new EP Problems Of  Prosperity.

This 4 song EP will leave Rahal’s fingerprint on the pleasure buttons of your space helmet. Each song is an adventurous eclectic rip-tide of cascading electro-loop-beats, spooky carnival synthies, heavy spine cracking sub-bass, gorgeous electric guitars and celestially operatic yet sincerely delivered vocals juxtaposed by moments of sudden calm when you realize you are just catching your breath in this crazy cool space storm between your ears.

Problems Of Prosperity is dance-inducing, attention tripping ear candy with idiosyncratic undercurrents of powerful  raw emotion.

The song A Star takes you on that trip out of orbit where you find yourself rocking to incredible drum beat sequencing while over hearing the ships captain passionately lament about how he became a star and you begin to understand that you are in Rahal’s time machine where everyone is slightly losing their minds in the most elegant of ways.

A magnetizing mixture of Bjork meets Interpol with a visitation from Clinic

With the song Treetops you seem to become the auditory witness of a UFO landing which is brilliantly welcomed with beautiful acoustic guitar arpeggios and breathtaking panoramic sound design.

The Berlin-based three-piece alternative experimental indie band’s texts are performed in a confusing mixture of English and Spanish which works perfectly and whose vocal delivery is something like a magnetizing mixture of Bjork meets Interpol with a visitation from Clinic.

Rahal consists of Valentin bass, Marco e-guitar and snyth, and Pedro vocals, guitar, percussion, and as soon as they return to Earth when the city is back in form with live concerts they are definitely not a band to be missed. Problems Of Prosperity is a record for getting one through the dark, perfect timing Rahal.

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