the impeccable, shimmering not like this by beth crowley

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feels as though a fresh spring breeze just blew through one’s hair

Nashville, Tennessee-residing singer/songwriter Beth Crowley, who initially gained recognition ten years ago through her popular YouTube videos, and later, with her own brand of literate, original music, returns with a soulful, breezy and poignant lovesick country-pop tune “Not Like This.”

instantly relatable lyrics, impeccable and shimmering production

    “I’ve wanted you forever, wanted you forever, but not like this.” What young person can not relate to a lyric such as that, and having lived through such a situation at least once in one’s life? Crowley’s instantly relatable lyrics, as well as the song’s impeccable and shimmering production, are both very strong points which should help the song receive a more than healthy amount of streams and airplay (she has already amassed over 150,000 YouTube subscribers and her songs have been streamed several hundred thousand times on Spotify and Apple Music).

    With lyrics such as “when you’re trying to lose yourself, I might as well be somebody else,” delivered through her warm, silky voice, Crowley’s tune will have little problem finding dedicated fans and streams on popular playlists. The reviewer can easily imagine this song also finding placement on relevant and popular television or streaming series.

“It would be easy to just give in, I’ve thought of it, but not like this”

    The song has a bit of a 1980s feel, and one can’t help but make comparisons to superstar Taylor Swift in her glossier days, which is certainly not a bad thing. Another notable point is that despite the sad tone of the song’s lyrics and content, the song, through its use of major chords and its undeniable pop structure, manages to have a pleasant, upbeat feeling.

“I wanted to play with the idea of when you get something you want but not how you wanted it. I put it in the context of a scenario where the person singing has the opportunity to be with the person she has feelings for but not under the circumstances she would have chosen.”

Beth Crowley

    The song’s storyline also aids in giving it an ultimately positive feel. The protagonist finally gets the person she wants, but not exactly in the way she wanted. Instead of giving in to something that is not one hundred percent perfect, the protagonist just moves on, which itself sends something of a positive message to the song’s most probable demographic.

    To summarize, the song succeeds in that instead of leaving the listener with some sort of maudlin, “poor me” type of sentiment, which can very easily happen with such pop song subject matter, the listener feels as though a fresh spring breeze just blew through one’s hair (which is even hinted at in the single’s cover art’s use of warm colors and tones).

“Then you fell for her, and it was too late, now I get a second chance”

    Beth Crowley clearly has a way with clever words and a way with writing a catchy hook. This reviewer has no doubt that further interesting singles and other projects will come from this singer-songwriter, and her fans are surely eagerly awaiting a parent album, which will definitely not disappoint.

“Not Like This” delivers the intelligent and soulful pop goods expected from the very talented Beth Crowley, and will aid in her continued rise on YouTube, Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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