Strange Souvenirs’ new track ‘The Way I Fell In’ takes you on a journey into the depths of your soul

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On November 11th, Hamburg-based band Strange Souvenirs are set to release their powerful and moving new single ‘The Way I Fell In’

‘The Way I Fell In’ displays a brand new side to this self-professed “band within a band within a band”. Following a handful of upbeat electro-pop singles, this track delves into more solemn and honest human emotion.

The song begins with an initial melancholic soundscape created by synth, guitar and keys, followed by sombre and pensive vocals expressing the sense of being lost. A reflective atmosphere is built up around each and every listener, encouraging us to indulge in our own more complex emotions.

Indulge in our own more complex emotions

Written in collaboration with talented producer Cameron James Laing, ‘The Way I Fell In’ is a late addition to Strange Souvenirs’ upcoming debut album, which they are writing at The Famous Gold Watch Studio in Weißensee Berlin. This wistful tune explores inner turmoil, the act of realigning your stars while escaping the pull of life’s unexpected and unyielding black holes.

Realigning your stars while escaping the pull of life’s unexpected and unyielding black holes

This new track from Strange Souvenirs embodies the ambience of the strange and unfamiliar world we are living in at the moment. Its beautiful and ethereal feel is enchanting and gives us a perfect opportunity to take a long look at our lives and ourselves.

Subtle & thoughtful cover artwork created by Hamburg-based illustrator Sebastian König

Strange Souvenirs is made up of two brothers, who create music that blends together their Canadian past and the culture of present-day Germany, where they are currently based. They describe themselves as “sonic space travellers orbiting galaxies of genres, collecting strange souvenirs from different dimensions of indie and pop. Dark electronic debris, lucid lofi-lullabies, plastic repost-punk and other anachronistic audio artifacts.”

Don’t miss this beautiful and melancholy new single, out on November 11th!
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