Ten days to the Fete de la Musique! Have a bit of Scott and Lilla to get you in the mood!

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Maybe it’s just me, but it seemed for a while that the weather and Covid were working hand-in-hand, weaponised by some vengeful god to inflict double misery on us: the morbidly and obsessively checked “Incidence Rate” dropping then rising then dropping then rising, our faces becoming a boomerang-effected smiley / inverted smiley / smiley / inverted smiley on a daily basis day for day for months…while the spring just resolutely refused to turn up on our doorsteps, and the grey skies and cold stayed, as covid stayed, and stayed…far past its welcome. If it ever had one.


Which is why I’m using that as an excuse for being flabbered and gasted about the fact that the Fête de la Musique – and with it the official start of summer / longest day of the year is TEN DAYS AWAY MY GOD HOW DID THAT HAPPEN.

Because suddenly, suddenly, it’s summer. Suddenly the sun is shining and the temperatures are in the upper 20s (except for this weekend of course but that’s just standard by now, to let the temperatures dip there a bit on our 2 days off each week, cheers nice one god, on you go, have a bit of a laugh, must get boring up there.


I digress. Suddenly it is summer and I realise that the Fête de la Musique is 10 days away. Jesus.

I for one can’t wait. Even if this year the usually-city-wide festival will largely, in a redo of 2020, be a streamed affair. But tons of streams. Tons of good music. And hey, you can catch those streams lying on your back in a park gibbering with putendous joy over the gentle reddening of your skin, drinking warm cheap prosecco from a straw, as you do.

To hear music again. To be in the flow of humanity again. To feel stuff again. Before 2020/2021 you would never have heard me say something like “Oh good, things are getting back to normal again”, but now I do.

So: to celebrate this whole thing, from now until the F8t, we will be featuring a local artist who’s peforming there, one a day, as a sort of countdown thingy.

Because why not?

Meanwhile here’s the very first tiktok video from the new FETEBerlin tiktok channel! (Follow them! Do a Good Thing!)


Never getting over this beautiful video that @scottandlila send us from the Tempelhofer Feld in #Berlin 💚 #tempelhoferfeld #indiemusic #folkmusic

♬ Simple by SCOTT and LILA at Tempelhofer Feld – feteberlin

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