The Midnight Shower’s new single ‘Late Riser’ is an instant alt-rock classic!

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Berlin-based rock group The Midnight Shower follow up their successful 2020 debut album ‘Step in the Light’ with their brand-new hit ‘Late Riser’, released on October 24th.

The trio – made up of Hungarian Soma Zsoter (lead vocals and guitar), Daniel Molnar (backing vocals and bass) and Rodrigo Negrete (drums and percussion) – create a wide variety of music, ranging from high-energy electro-rock all the way to slow and melancholic piano ballads, as demonstrated in The Midnight Shower’s first album, released earlier this year.

Now, ‘Late Riser’ is the ultimate blast from the past. This guitar-driven tune, with its retro and nostalgic vibe, is reminiscent of the 00’s alt-rock movement in America.

Opening with the catchy combination of a strong beat and memorable guitar riff, Soma’s impressive and powerful vocals come in to guide us through something resembling teen angst, embodied in the chorus line: “I’m a Late Riser!”

Something resembling teen angst…

Each and every listener is given the chance to be transported back to those adolescent days and indulge in bygone moody and unruly feelings. That’s not to say that this track is melancholy – it is impossible not to enjoy its energy: you simply have to get up and dance!

You’ll find that the chorus gets stuck in your head from the very first listen, as the guitar picks up and the backing vocals join in, and yet ‘Late Riser’ lends itself to a re-listen… and another re-listen… and another re-listen – Get your air guitars ready!

Also, don’t miss the music video to ‘Late Riser’ by Mumukuba Film, released on November 6th. A hilarious watch with a relatable plot-line, the video is perfectly suited to this alt-rock classic:

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