The Warm, Dripping Honey of Chris Suswal’s ‘Free Our Souls’

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Free Our Souls is a lovely slice of mid-tempo poprock that slides over your skin like dripping honey.

Laid-back as all hell, it sounds like one of those ear-worm hits you know from your teenage years, where everything felt just right with the world – I’m immediately floating down some river somewhere, lying back in a boat with the sun dappling through tree leaves onto my warm skin.

summer warmth and carefree days

Chris Suswal is an accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist. It’s nice when sometimes you hear someone who displays a complete lack of need to try too hard. While no wheel is being reinvented with this song, that’s just fine with me: especially listening to it where I am now, sitting in the middle of north-European winter, it makes me long for summer. It speaks volumes of summer warmth and carefree days, and as soon as the summer is here I’m going to roll down the windows and drive through the landscape, Free Our Souls playing on the radio, feeling good.

Suswal hails from Long Island, New York, and recorded his six-song album at Pancake Recording Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in New Jersey, there was “always music in the house”, with his sister playing classic piano and his parents playing their extensive record collection. He admits that he’s most of all influenced by classic rock and the music of the likes of Dylan, Joni Mitchell et al, but keeps an ear on what the indie community’s doing too. The EP represents his six debut releases, which he has brought out all as singles over a six-month period, and will now press them onto vinyl. An event we at indie Republik definitely look forward to!

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