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Sometimes there’s no real reason to reinvent the wheel. Who among us isn’t secretly a heavy rock fan of old, shutting the curtains every now and then when everyone’s out, getting some hard liquor going on and jumping around to seventies heavy rock of the best kind?

Just me? Oh.

Lucas Tadini’s new single Welcome Back to Freedom is in large parts an unashamed ode to classic heavy rock seventies-style, with an inexorable head-down, heavy distorted riff out front and centre perfectly placed to bring you bronco-bucking into his musical universe.

But there are other things in the mix, and plenty to lift it out of being just another seventies-heavy-rock-revival type number. Keyboards are layering in the background and Tadini’s voice, while being assuredly and most definitely rock and roll, has something else within it too.

A heavy male sensuousness nudging insistently at the surface

When you look to the info on his website you realise why Tadini’s inflections are a little bit different from most heavy rock bands coming out of LA (where Lucas Tadini is based). He’s actually from Brazil, of Italian parents, and the certain something that South American bands have in spades, some alternative idea of rhythm, another take on movement, a heavy male sensuousness nudging insistently at the surface – all these are present here.

Attended the prestigious Berklee School of Music, then headed to LA

Lucas Tadini left his native Brazil and moved to China before relocating to the US where he attended the prestigious Berklee School of Music; then he left the East Coast and headed to LA, where he’s been making quite a name for himself as the brand new saviour of rock n roll.

Following on from first single The Arsonist (which he described as being about “setting your old self on fire to make yourself new”), Welcome Back to Freedom is the second single from Tadini’s upcoming debut album Collective Delusion, where he wrote, arranged, produced, engineered and performed on every track.

Recorded in multiple locations around the world (Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Portugal, Toronto), the record was mastered at Abbey Road studios in London, England and mixed by John Netti (Rival Sons, Buddy Guy) in Nashville, TN. It is a mixture of the classic rock sound with a twist of modern influences.

Determined to grab you, hold you up and shake you

The boy can play guitar, absolutely no doubt about that and having played all the instruments and produced himself too, apparently he’s quite the pianist as well, with a background of classical music education in his youth.

Lucas Tadini – or just Tadini – is very obviously hungry, extremely talented, and determined to grab you, hold you up and shake you, and leave you wondering quite what just hit you. I’m looking forward to seeing him live when things get back to ‘normal’ – I just know he’ll put on a wild night.

All hail Tadini, a new kind of rock god for a brand new age.

Lucas Tadini Website | Tadini on Facebook | Tadini on Instagram

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