We premiere Alec Danger’s brand new video single Ghost Notes out today

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The Finnish, Berlin-based songwriter/producer Alec Danger, is back with new material. ‘Ghost Notes’ blends together Danger’s crooning baritone, 80s analog synths and a narrative about a relationship fallen apart between AI and a man. The track is officially released via Eclipse Music on the 3rd of April.

Alec Danger’s music is straight from the future – or at least how we imagined it in 1984. A ride on the retro-wave in an ocean of prog-rock, 80’s pop and electro that challenges your mind, leading you to places you didn’t know existed.

The dark side of this journey takes you straight into the internal struggle of the millennial generation. The overwhelming sensation of being directionless leaves many wondering about their purpose in life, with traditional societal and family ties dissolving at a rapid pace. Being part of the follow-up generation after empty mass-consumerism, Alec Danger and his listeners see right through the empty, shallow void of buying for buying’s sake.

This strange mix of retro-futurism, done in 70s black and white and deliberately low-key, reflects Alec Danger’s take on being what he calls the “follow-up generation after empty mass-consumerism”. It’s 80s to its core…but not.

The song’s video, made by a Brazilian, Helsinki-based visual artist, Felipe Gasnier, is a solid interpretation of the song’s theme, channeling its scifi-ish undertone further. Gasnier describes his creation thus:

 “Winter in Helsinki this year was not easy; we were faced with months of grayness, raining and hardly any snow at all. I created the video, in and out of that landscape, mixing material I had used for VJ:ing at our latest gigs together with some new videos that you’re likely to see on stage when the pandemic is over.”

The next Alec Danger single entitled ‘Crack in the Sky’ will be out on the 8th of May.

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