Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Indie Republik goes bilingual!

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It may sound strange – but then again in this day and age, what doesn’t?

We kicked off indieBerlin in 2008 and kind of meant it to be a bilingual site. And it was, on and off, depending on who was on baord at the time. At some point we realised it was somewhat untrue to bill ourselves as a properly bilingual site so we faced up, fessed up, and declared ourselves monolingual.

I mean hey, in Berlin it can be quite difficult to find someone to speak German to anyway, amiright? So we got away with it.

But no more. Now we iz indie Republik, we iz all grown up and spreading our wings. Time to do the right thing, the the thing that we should have done yonks ago, and admit to the fact that our head office is in a town slap bang in the middle of another Republik, that being the Bundesrepublik. May as well acknowledge the fact and be graceful about the fact.

So come on in, you German speakers!

No longer will you have to bend your brain and twist your tongue to elucidate what our English expat writers are going on about. Now you can experience indie Republik in your own language.

We’ve been bad. I admit it. No more. Now we will be good.

And that’s not all!

As of 2021 we shall do our best to spread from being bilingual into being multilingual, adding other European languages as we can. And from there, the world just may be our oyster.

One point to note: we are relying to some extent on the wonderful world of nascent AI, and our small team of language proofreaders may not get to everything. In which case I would ask for patience; while also welcoming feedback on translation mistakes made.

Thanks, German readers, for bearing with us for so long. This could be the beginning of a beautiful freundschaft….

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