NEW! – indieberlin guided tours!

As of now we’re running a couple of guided tours through the city, individual, indie, very much in our style!

indieberlin takes you underground!

poshteckel3First off we’re running our own version of a pubcrawl. Forget the tourist bars, the tourist hordes, the beaten track, the main drag…this is especially for people in town for a week or two who want to hang out where the Berliners hang out and not the tourists. And if you’ve moved here and haven’t been here long, come along with us as well to check out the coolest bars we’ve found in the Kreuzberg-Neukölln area. We start at 9pm Wednesdays through Saturdays, cover six to eight bars and keep going until at least 2pm – as long as you can too!

The cost of the tour is 12€.
You do need to book in advance! Either here by email or by phone.
Book a tour:

Want to take part? Have questions? Anything at all? Write to or phone us on 0157fdfda

the indieberlin music tour – find out where everything happened!

bowie-berlin-1Second we’re running as of July a Music Tour. This is a daytime one, where we take groups of people around the city to discover the places where music history has been made. We run the tour so that you get a good overview of what’s made Berlin musically so amazing and unique. From the Roaring Twenties (and Thirties!) that first made Berlin’s name, to the birth of alternative culture and punk in the seventies and eighties when Nick Cave, Bowie and Iggy Pop all hung out in the city, to the nineties and the fall of the Berlin wall – when techno was born, the club culture thrived and Berlin became the world’s electro capital – through to the zeroes and up until today. We take you to see where Bowie lived, where Nick Cave drank, where techno was played, where U2 and Depeche Mode recorded their most seminal albums, and much much more. Disover why Berlin is the cultural and musical capital that it’s been for decades, and what made it what it is today!