Noel Maurice Music

Noel Maurice landed in East Berlin in 1991 and lived in the now famous Tacheles Arthaus. He has played music under the name Idiotchild and more recently as Noel Maurice. He has also published two novels.

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Dumbdown, the first album from Noel Maurice’s earlier band Idiotchild, features songs written by him over the previous decade – shining a light on the dissoluteness and the craziness of the East Berlin art and squat scene in the nineties.

Dumbdown is available now as an NFT, in two forms – as individual songs, and as the complete album, as an NFT Bundle.

What you get when you buy the Dumbdown NFT Bundle:

  • A 1% share in any royalties earnt from the songs contained in the album.
  • A certificate noting that you are the owner of one of only 100 copies of the Dumbdown album
  • A Noel Maurice teeshirt in your size
  • 50% off to all indieBerlin / indieRepublik concerts
  • Free entry to all concerts where Noel Maurice / the Noel Maurice Band is playing as headlining act