Win Tickets to MoStack at Burg Schnabel Next Month

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Burg Schnabel will be hosting another prominent UK star next month , MoStack, and you can win tickets to be there with IndieBerlin.

Following the madness of the Aitch concert last weekend, Burg Schnabel will be offering their stage to another major name in the UK rap/RnB Scene, MoStack, on March 1st. The 24-year-old Londoner was doing bits in the UK scene while still in his early teens but a several big releases in the past 5 years or so have amplified him to be one of the most established names in the scene. Immediately  recognisable via his unique style that provides a more melodic take on the typical UK sound, he contracts much of what comes out from some of his fellow stars on the UK circuit. Owing to this distinctive sound, he has long been the perfect feature for many prominent grime stars but in the last 2 years, he has really come into his own as an artist in his own right.

As is the case with most of the UK Rap alumni, his career path was cultivated via the means of underground one-off releases and viral videos. This soon accumulated into a release of an EP, High Street Kid in 2017 which was rich with talent from the scene. These included features from notorious presences such as Krept, Mist, and his long-term collaborator, J Hus, a tally of names that speak highly about his integrity and respect among his peers. The album defined his style of tropical sound with a clear afro-beat influence twinned with an impressive vocal capacity that effortlessly combines a dulcet singing voice and a more rough and ready rap style. These elements combined have made him a popular choice for rap lovers and dancehall lovers alike.

High Street Kid could be defined as his breakthrough release as since then, his career has gone from strength to strength. In 2018, he achieved his first major mainstream hit, What I Wanna, peaking at 17 in the R&B Urban chart and also saw limited success with tracks, Litness and Teach You Gangsta that followed this release. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that he really started getting the recognition that he deserved. He kicked off the year with his Daily Duppy which has since generated over 6,000,000 views on Youtube. He followed this quickly with his first real album, Stacko, which reached number 3 in the UK album chart.

Dropping in June 2019, this was an ideal marketing strategy for MoStack as his style perfectly complemented the warm UK weather. Thanks to this, the album offered itself up as an easy choice for many fans of MoStack as their sound of the summer, while no doubt also helping to recruit countless other new converts to his sound. Picks of the album would have to include Shannon (found above), Shine Girl which featured UK raps’ new poster boy, Stormzy, and Stinking Rich which again recruited J Hus, as well as another prominent rap star, Dave, whom he had earlier collaborated within the hit track, No Words in 2017. While the success of the album must be the highlight of his year, Fashion Week with Steel Bangs saw him acquire his best chart performance to date at number 7, while a feature of Floss from AJ Tracey’s self-titled album alongside Not3s also saw him make an impression on the UK market.

As a result of these 2019’s successes, he was a common feature at festivals across the summer in Britain, which coincided with a UK tour of Stacko that recently came to conclusion – albeit with some significant controversy along the way. MoStack has proven himself to be a piece of the UK music scene’s furniture in the last 3 years and his journey is just beginning – just last week, in fact, he dropped his latest track, Staqdó, which follows his same formula and will have you longing for the summer. However, you don’t have to wait until summer to experience MoStack as he will be warming the chilly crowds of Berlin on March 1st as part of his European tour.

If you want to be there then all you need to do is fire off an email to win @ (no space) and you could be at the Burg Schnabel and experience all that has been discussed here.

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