indie Blogs and sites we like / are friends with / we want to be friends with 🙂

For too long we have derived you, o reader, of sharing all the other cool indie blog sites of our aquaintance. Yes, hogging you to ourselves, it’s possible that you had no idea that there are other cool indie blogs out there, but let me take the veil from your eyes…here: I give you: the best indie blog sites around today.

PS If you know of ones we’ve missed, please do let us know!


Top indie sites #1: Alt 77 is a fine indie site that runs the gamut from reviews and amusing articles about why Bono is so disliked, to a healthy dollop of articles for musicians on how to play guitar, why to play guitar, and which guitar you might want to play.

Run by a nice man called Eduard, who wrote a book about the recording of Nirvana’s Nevermind (well worth a read).