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For us at indieRepublik it was never really a question. At some point, after finding and featuring hundreds if not thousands of artists, we were destined to set up our own label to push the artists we love most from all those we come into contact with.
And with that said, say hallo to our newest signing (one taken from our own ranks)…


Noel Maurice

Noel Maurice is a UK-born, Berlin-based indie/blues/americana singer and songwriter. Arriving in East Berlin in 1991 his earlier music (and books) documented what it was like to live in this underground scene at this turbulent time.

After taking a break from music for a year – that turned into 15 years – during which he started indie.berlin and (still) works as chief editor of indierepublik, Noel is now working on fresh material with a release planned for this year.

Noel Maurice
noel maurice, author of the berlin diaries

Interview with Noel Maurice

We talk to Noel Maurice about what drives him, where he came from and what brought him here.

Who is Noel Maurice?

Born in the UK, a childhood in South Africa, finding a sense of home in East Berlin: a storyteller, musician, poet, performer and inveterate blogger, Noel bowed out to bring up his two children (and establish indie.berlin and indierepublik.com) while slowly working on new material.

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Interview with Nuno Filipe

We talk to Nuno Filipe about what drives him, where he came from and what brought him here.


Who is Nuno filipe?

An inate ability to explore the piano as an instrument together with an undying urge to innovate and go where no one has gone before make Nuno and the End an artist to watch.


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Interested in signing to our label?

We’re open to and actively looking for great bands and solo artists for our new label. Doesn’t matter the genre, doesn’t matter if you’re not in your 20s. Hit us up, we’d love to hear from you and promise you an honest reply.

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