NY Nu-Grunge band realation release What Lies Beneath EP

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 The three member alternative rock project reaLation. (not easy to type with auto-correct!) will unleash their 90s reminiscent EP “What Lies Beneath” later this month

The group, which consists of guitarist and vocalist Steve Feliciano, bassist and vocalist Vincent Lane and drummer Matt Loucks, aim to deliver songs dealing with real world problems and concerns, and songs which ultimately help us relate to one another.


    The EP begins on a strong note with the blistering “Not Meant For Me,” which brings to mind the best of 90s grunge, coupled with eastern-tinged guitar riffs, making a for a great rock opener. “My heart will know what to believe, cause I cannot steal something in you not meant for me” is the refrain’s main line, signifying that the singer will stay true both to himself and his love interest. If it is not meant for someone, then it shall not be taken. The sentiment is honest, and comes from a good place, which sets the tone for the EP’s other tracks.

“absorb your liquor selfish, you always evade what you should own”

    The second track in the sequence is “Selfish,” which continues with the hard rock meets eastern sounding riffs, which work to great effect, especially for fans of this type of music. The song deals with addiction and recovery, as the lyrics “absorb your liquor selfish, you always evade what you should own” are delivered, and then culminating in “I was once like you, I’m no longer there, the difference between us is the work done over here.” The singer seems to be saying, I have made it, and you keep wallowing in your own selfish web. However, therein lies the possibility to make it.

“your omission is an admission”

    The set’s third song is “For Your Information,” which continues in a headstrong rock direction, minus the eastern instrumentation. The song also continues with the addiction subject matter, where the singer is again the recovered one, telling the other “for your information your omission is an admission,” and “for your information, leave it or leave me alone.” Another strong track, including some great vocalization from the band.


    Things lighten up a bit for the EP’s fourth track “Guilt Hangover” before heading into a heavy and soaring chorus. The song deals with enablers and enabling, as the lyric states “I can’t lend a guiding hand, my demon is one of rescuing”. Again, very similar to the best of 90s grunge, but with a seemingly more updated subject matter. Where the 90s and a tendency to seem utterly hopeless, these songs carry the positivity of recovery, or at least, show the possibility of it.


    The final track is the ballad “Isabella,” which had been released to YouTube in 2020. It is the softest song on the album, and bemoans a woman alone in her suffering. “It’s a sad life to live, lonesome within her fortress walls.” The song crescendos into a guitar solo, before tapering off and leaving the project on a softer tone.     To summarize, the 5 song EP “What Lies Beneath” takes the listener on an effective and enjoyable hard rock trip, sometimes very reminiscent of the 1990s, or even late 1980s, but with updated subject matter. The vocals and musicianship are excellent and will no doubt please rock music fans eager for something new, and something with an ultimately positive message.

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