Noel Maurice –  co-founder of indieberlin

Noel Maurice first arrived young and fresh-faced in early 90s Berlin after taking a wrong turn somewhere and deciding to stay. He landed directly in Tacheles and lived there in the early days of the now famous art house, helping to shape the brand new underground scene. In between helping to start clubs and helping to end them he managed simultaneously to enjoy the wilder aspects of the scene while also forming, joining and leaving numerous indie bands and collectives.

Noel Maurice also discovered street music, finding it a naked and honest form of expression, and plays street music around Berlin to this day.

After releasing three EPs through Sleepwalk Discs in the early zeroes, he released the album “Dumbdown” through London label Incinerate Media, and an EP “The Berlin Diaries. Introduction” through indieberlin records. Noel publisehd an autobiographical book about his early years in Berlin, “The Berlin Diaries – Tacheles in the 90s” in 2015 and a second book is planned for the end of 2016.

In 2008 Noel launched together with his partner Mia Morris the blog and networking platform indieberlin to celebrate, feature and promote independent art, music, fashion and lifestyle in and of Berlin.


Mia Morris – co-founder of indieberlin

With music, art and marketing as her passions, Mia worked in the media and music industry from 2003, starting at B612, the management company for German artist Rea Garvey, before moving to MTV where she worked for the next six years.

In 2008 Mia co-founded indieberlin; in 2015 she founded an online marketing agency, Ocular Online.

Mia is active as a photographer and artist, with exhibitions of her pictures being held in brothels, galleries and in Fluxbau Berlin.

In her role as music photographer Mia has had her work presented in various publications including Rolling Stone. She has snapped artists including Massive Attack, Bryan Adams, Travis, Hundreds, Me and My Drummer, Savages, The/Das, Travis, Sohn, Kitty Solaris or Yasmin Gate.

Passionate about burlesque, Mia has also photographed loads of burlesque performers, such as Lady Lou, Marlene von Steenvag, Lada Redstar, La Viola Vixen, Jack Woodhead, Scotty the Blue Bunny and many more.


2008 – Art my Ass “Art is not for gatekeepers”, SIN.
2011 – Funkyrotic Art: Exhibition at Freudenhaus Hase.
2011 – Watercolours printed on wood: Holz-Atelier von Osten.
2012 – Burlesque and Music photographs: Neue Kammerspiele Kleinmachnow.
2013 – Burlesque photography: John’s ARTiger Frisiersalon.
2014 – Club / Music Photography: Fluxbau.


 Norman Zielasko

Seit Oktober 2011 versorgt Euch Norman regelmässig mit neuer Musik auf Geboren wurde er 1979 in Berlin und hat dort auch erstmal sein Abitur gemacht und dann den Zivildienst im Alterspflegeheim geleistet. Im Elternhaus lief regelmässig Musik von “Led Zeppelin”, “Black Sabbath” und “Rory Gallagher”.

Gute Musik also, die ihn in dann über kleine Umwege weiter zu z.B. “Depeche Mode”, “The Cure” und “Built to Spill” gebracht haben. Nach seiner Ausbildung zum Buchhändler in München und einigen kurzen Abstechern nach Stuttgart und Hamburg ist er seit einigen Jahren wieder in Berlin und fühlt sich hier sehr wohl.

Neben der Arbeit als Buchhändler nimmt er in seiner Freizeit gerne seine geliebte Canon 1000D zur Hand und fotografiert seine Freunde und Berlin. Mit seinem alten klapprigen Hollandrad fährt er gerne zum Orankesee, zum Lido oder auch einfach durchs nächtliche Chaos der Stadt. Musikalisch er mittlerweile bei Künstlern wie “Ólafur Arnalds”, “Nils Frahm”, “Motorpsycho” und “Sigur Rós” angekommen und ob in der Arbeit oder zu Hause, es läuft eigentlich immer irgendwo Musik.

 Caterina Gili

“I started philosophical studies at the University in 2006. I got my degree two years ago. While at the University I always tried to maintain a strict contact with my passion, that I’ve had since I was 16, that’s to say photography; this passion was born trying to work with my father’s 70s Canon camera. That experiment has helped me to grow, professionally speaking and make my skills known in the field of photography so that very soon I was kept in consideration by an important gigs organizer agency.

From that time, I started cooperating with national and international magazines and webzines: Rolling Stone, Rockol, il Mucchio Selvaggio, Rockerilla and indieberlin. I have managed to take pictures of international singers and bands like: Radiohead, U2, Depeche Mode, Cranberries, Richard Ashcroft, The Strokes, Florence and The Machine, Peter Doherty and many others. Growing up I got the possibility to work abroad in the photography field in another country.

So I started working as photographer assistant in London for the Sunday Times. This professional experience permitted me to work also for the newspaper The Times. I have also experienced being a stage photographer for Sky Television. One year ago I got the opportunity to work for a school of photography in Berlin. It was so interesting, the city and this experience, that I decided to discover what it means to make photography, being a photographer, getting and capturing images and life in Berlin.

“A lens is between me and “the other”. I love experiencing authentic and true moments and, within my power, I’d like to keep them from extinction by collecting them in an image.”