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Paid Reviews on indieRepublik

You’ve recorded, mixed, mastered and now released your single, EP or album. Now what?

Getting a review on a good and well-read blog site is definitely a good step forwards.

Not only do people get to read about your release on the blog, you also get:

– quotes to take from the review for your press pack, social media and refererences

– the more respectable sites that link back to your site, the more present Google will make your site

– We also push out our reviews through our social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) for more visibility

Not so sure about this whole paid review business?

Sure, we get it. Here’s why it’s okay:

You’ll get a good review from us. How can we do that and stay true to ourselves?

Because we listen to the music; if we don’t like it, we won’t review it. It’s that simple. In fact we turn down a good third of the songs we’re asked to cover. And anyway we’re here to help bands, not to diss them.

And if we just gave a good review to anything without caring about its quality, our readership would dry up in null-comma-nix, as the Germans say.

That’s why we can balance making reviews a paid service and being completely honest.

And that’s why you get an honest, positive review with indieRepublik.

youtube: boost your video – and then use it as a marketing tool

We’ve all been there.

You release your song, put it on Spotify, Soundcloud, Tiktok, etc.

Then you do a video. You put it on youtube. And wait for people to watch it.

Why do you do a video on youtube? Well, it’s just what you do, isn’t it?

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason.

It’s just always been that way.

But how about if you could not only get your music video seen by the right people – people who like the kind of music you play; maybe fans of artists who are like you, but better known…how about that?

That would make sense, wouldn’t it? So you get your music seen and heard by people who like your music. No-brainer? Sure.

But how about a little icing on the cake.

How about if you could also get people who watched and/or liked your video, to know when you bring new music out…maybe to have your next video presented to them, next time they’re on youtube…now that sounds like the beginning of a fanbase to me…


use social media to turn casual scrollers into long-term fans

I know, I know. Social media is ubiquitous. It’s everywhere, part of the fabric of life, a constantly present background chatter.

And everyone born later than the release of Wham’s first single knows instinctively how to use it, right?

Well now. There’s using social media; and there’s using it intelligently, with a strategy, as part of a long-term marketing plan.

But Facebook is dead, right? And just for the older users.

Pinterest…recipes and travel shots being shared by mums in their thirties?

Instagram, that’s where it’s at. That’s the place to be.

Oh. Except, now there’s Tiktok, which is, um, where all the cool kids are these days…

Unless they’ve already left and gone somewhere else…(like maybe Clubhouse?)


We’ve become, well quite frankly, a little obsessed with this stuff. Embarrassing, but there you are.

We run social media campaigns that either zero in on 1-2 of the most appropriate channels for you and for your music, or make sure you’re plastered everywhere.

But not only that. See, the thing is, it’s great to be on social media, but it’s not where long-term success comes from.

You need to use social media intelligently and with forethought, to delicately entice people back to your website and to your email list.

Because a. Facebook (and that means Insta too) will slowly but surely make you  pay more and more just to keep in front of your fans and b. because people’s attention on social media is very, very shortlived. And no matter how much they think your new track or video is cool as shit, there’s a thousand more waiting round the corner / at the touch of a button.

So let us help you first create social media sensation and then turn it into passionate fans and long-term success.


Blogs and bloggers are one of those things.

On the one hand, they’re great: countless music blogs run by countless diehard music enthusiasts, usually just for the love of it, and if you get one on board they can become your biggest and most useful friend.

On the other hand, they have turned into the gatekeepers they were (probably) originally trying to subvert.

Tried to get attention from a blog?

Tricky, isn’t it?

(And don’t even get me started on Submithub…)

But even tho the power of blogs as discovery platforms have waned from the decade of extreme power they had (before the Spotify Playlist came along and changed things again), getting your music featured in a few respectable music blogs is a great way of getting attention – and getting quotes to use to get more…



From years of music blogging and networking we’ve established a long list of blogs that we know, like and trust to feature and promote good independent music like yours.

So let us do that for you.

Let us spread the word about your music among the better music blogs in Germany, Europe and further afield.

You say where you want to concentrate, and we’ll tell you how and if we can help you.

We guarantee results – no results, no cost.


Let’s give it a go.