Creative Commons & indieRepublik – feel free to repost – rules below

I love the idea of Creative Commons and have done since I first heard about it; and we’re excited to be part of the Creative Commons community.

Our deal is – as you will have seen (probably) from the CC widget licence – that you’re free to reuse and repost any of the written content you find on indieRepbublik (and indieBerlin), as long as you don’t sell it on, edit it without consulting first – and as long as you credit indieRepublik as the original source, and put a link back to our website.

If you do want to use any of our content for commercial purposes, we’re happy to have a conversation about it – this isn’t covered by our CC licence but we’re happy to set a price and reach an agreement. Rest assured that if there is any financial reimbursement this will also be shared appropriately with the particular writer who produced the content.

Please note that it’s necessary for you to check that you have permission to use the images in our site – they’re not covered by the agreement, and 9 times out of 10 we don’t own the copyright either – most of our pictures are either supplied by an agency/label etc, or else a photographer has nicely enough made photos for our use; or we’ve featured the pictures of a photographer after agreeing this use with them.

We’re happy to put you on to the photographers who we feature on the site. Just ask.

And any other questions – just ask! We’re open, friendly and curious people.