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There’s been a growth recently in open-air live sessions springing up, and Pink Car Battery is the newest and coolest.

“We are a group of friends who stood on top of the little hill at Volkspark Friedrichshain one Tuesday morning and understood that we need to bring back something that’s gone missing over the last decades: real music by inspiring artists, shot in a relevant location, accessible for everyone to watch.”

Amen to that, we say!

As this whole pandemic thing seems to be (hopefully) drawing to a close, while of course Berlin never really went completely to sleep, still we want to do everything we can to bring it back to its pre-pandemic roaring life.

The people from Pink Car Battery go on to say: “We are still at the very start of something we believe is going to be beautiful. Giving emerging artists the chance to produce studio-quality live-music videos and at the same time meeting beautiful and talented souls, learning and learning and growing a community of people, who’d do everything for the love of art and music.”

We are still at the very start of something beautiful. Giving emerging artists the chance to produce studio-quality live-music videos while meeting beautiful and talented soulsPink Car Battery

And why not?

The name comes, apparently, from the pink car battery that they use to power the affairs.

This time up we have the wonderful 3 South and Banana playing live in Volkspark Friedrichshain with his new single The Fool and the World, a talented young Frenchman Wahlberliner who claims Paul McCartney as his favourite musician (NB make sure to watch the video through to Pink Car Battery’s now iconic glove puppet interview that always sits at the end of their videos!

And keep an eye out for 3 South and Banana – he’s been pushing out idiosyncratically hip tunes for the last years in Berlin and while leaving room for his day job of playing in the now world-famous Blue Man Group, is showing no signs of slowing down!


Pink Car Battery was born when four friends stood on top of Humboldthain in Berlin one early Tuesday morning and decided create something fresh. Live-Sessions such as Tiny Desk and Sofar, showcasing Berlins’ underground- and street-music scene.

Powered by a pink car battery, enabling remote shoots. The names origin is still in question between the four founders. Subsequently, their endeavours have resulted in a growing community of artists, collaborating together and performing at Pink Car Battery live events across Berlin.

Only one year in, the team have blessed by the seemingly constant supply talent and have plenty to look forward to in the coming months alone. For diversity and some electrifying, musical eye candy, visit.




3 South & Banana Instagram | 3 South & Banana Website

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