introducing indieRepublik agency membership

Bells and whistles. That’s all I’m saying.

we’re looking for partners

Our platform exists to help promote artists and bands. Your company exists to promote artists and bands. Let’s work together.

Let’s partner up

As you can imagine, we get a flood of emails with requests for articles, reviews and the like. As partner, you jump to the front of the queue. Guaranteed.

get premium, vip treatment: and guaranteed coverage

We answer the same day. And guarantee coverage for your latest releases.

what is an agency membership?

what you give, what you get

there are two tiers: premium & vip

Premium tier guarantees 2 free reviews and 1 free interview a month. VIP tier guarantees 4 reviews and 4 interviews a month. Both tiers come with other goodies and extra services. You choose.

we share all your social posts. always.

With an active and growing social media presence (Insta, FB, Twitter, Pinterest) you get guaranteed exposure. You post, we share.

same-day response. guaranteed callback. you have our ear.

As partner agency, whether premium or vip tier, we guarantee to get back to you to respond to your needs asap, always the same day, usually within the hour. We make sure that your releases and PR shoutouts get shared and get noticed.

free entry for you and your bands at all indieberlin & indierepublik events

When gigs come back again, we’ll be getting back to putting on regular indieBerlin & indieRepublik events. Your staff and the bands you have in town come in free.

you help us survive


The independent music industry is a tough one; and after the years of Covid, it’s tougher still. Let’s partner up and help each other survive and thrive. The site is a great resource for creatives, and we’ve kept going for 12 years. If you’d like to keep indieBerlin & indieRepublik alive, it would mean a lot to us.

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Get in touch and let’s talk. We’re always up for a chat and we’re more than happy to answer questions, take suggestions and discuss ideas.

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