NOSOYO tease their upcoming album with a brand new single “Feel The Same”

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The Berlin-based art-pop duo NOSOYO are releasing their album “Loud & Shameless” by the end of this month, October 23rd. At indieRepublik, we have been watching them develop and grow for quite some time now and we are beyond excited to hear what they have to offer next. Their new single “Feel The Same” from the upcoming album is out today.
The new single is out today!

“Feel The Same” is an undoubted pop banger, it is the danciest single from the duo yet. Considering the chaos that surrounds artists this year, new NOSOYO single could be a great party (Small circle masked party? Zoom party? Illegal party?) soundtrack – it has this crazy fling undertone about it, it is passionate and quite sexy.

NOSOYO Credit: Yvonne Hartmann
Credit: Yvonne Hartmann

What the band is trying to remind us all is that we do indeed “feel the same” right now and that we have to “slow down” and “recall good memories”, because “the sun will come out eventually” even after all “the time wasted in the blur”. All of NOSOYO’s singles from the upcoming album “Loud & Shameless” radiate hope and positivity, strength and fearlessness. So pretty much everything that we crave for now.

The rich layered production of “Feel The Same” makes the track incredibly catchy with its intriguing build-up, groovy bass line, the head-nodding rhythm, the hushed percussion. It is not overwhelming, rather comforting like an intimate small show in a Berlin room with high ceilings where all the furniture pieces start dancing around to the beat and the vocals, the variety of which here are just beautiful.

We will be dancing to the single until the album’s release (out very soon, pre-save here), listen to NOSOYO to feel the same.

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