Remember Sports Coming to Badehaus!

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The emotive indie rockers Remember Sports from Philadelphia are attempting their first ever EU/UK tour a second time, granting us a very special visit to Berlin’s Badehaus.

It is 2012 when Carmen, Catherine, Benji and James meet at Kenyon College in Ohio. Already connected with their local DIY folk punk scene, they decide to record a quiet lo-fi album to share with friends and just because they can. Originally aired on Kenyon’s college radio, baby steps ascend into the LP Sunchockes. Along with All of Something, the band’s second album, it forms a life-affirming sound on navigating the confusion that comes with entering a post-High School and early adulthood life. The two records speak of the intensity of interpersonal relationships, homecomings, displacements, and the mundanity of clean socks.

While the two may be considered a duology, edged firmly in the space of DIY indie punk that’s been carved out by bands such as Tacocat or Cayetana in the last decade, Slow Buzz is definitely the start of something new. Between All of Something and Slow Buzz, the band graduated college and moved to Philadelphia. Frontperson Carmen details a painful break-up, sketching the melancholic joy the other person brought alongside the desperate hole that’s left, now. Remember Sports are positively brazen on the record, including banjos, trumpets, jazz-like sounds throughout the songs. Listening to the diaristic narratives on each record, you can feel yourself growing up alongside the band.

Remember Sports wanted to finally make the leap across the great pond and embark on their first ever EU/UK tour in 2020 – but Covid made them sink like a stone. So that’s what they called the record they worked on in between now and then. Touring experiences with personal favourites like Trace Mountains and Pllush inspired them to break out of their basement dorm room, focusing on an intricately, intimately weaved sound; perhaps best exemplified on the 39 seconds that Coffee Machine consists of. Synths make a return, drum machines do, like they did in Slow Buzz before – but it’s definitely the begin of a new chapter. On top their distorted, winding sound, Carmen continues to sing along prettily and steadfastly, almost like the chaos of the world does not phase the band’s optimism at all.

Remember Sports kicked off their European tour in Ireland and England. Currently, they’re posting a daily tour diary on their instagram, in which they speak about coffee in Dublin alongside pictures of sleepy faces on a cross-country train. They’re finally playing Berlin at Badehaus on October 20th! Come and stay for the heartbreak.

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