Music Report: most exciting debut albums and big comebacks

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The amount of music coming out each week is honestly overwhelming. We get it, we’re here for you.

Besides listening to all things very local and underground, soon to be discovered by labels and music fans, we listen to a lot of albums that come out from bigger labels and bigger names. Here, we have chosen some of the best recent works (all from 2021!). Angsty punk, can’t-stop-dancing pop, and a continuous search for light and peace. Many debut albums so you could stay in the loop of the most exciting freshmen.

Lokoy – Badminton

Lasse Lokoy‘s debut solo album Badminton is a burst of light in the cold gloom and the perfect soundtrack to the spring blossoming. Indie-punk SLØTFACE‘s bassist is full of surprises and shows just how versatile and talented he is with the infectious fun pop beats and the occasional stunning melancholy like the closing track. Spotify

Shame – Drunk Tank Pink

That second album anticipation was worth it, innit? Shame rocked the industry with their 2018 debut, tore the world to pieces with their explosive live performances in a long tour, and then disappeared in a clash of post-tour apathy, Covid lockdown, and mid-20s pressure. Shame successfully escaped the second album curse with the angsty, mature and ambitious Drunk Tank Pink. Spotify

Arlo Parks – Collapsed In Sunbeams

It is the tender, soulful poetry and the soft melodies that feel like a warm friendly hug that we so desperately seek during times like this. Arlo Parks hit all the right spots with her debut album full of bittersweet emotions, lyrical metaphors, and a soul bigger than the world. A perfect release to get you back on your feet. Good for your mental health! Spotify

Black Country, New Road – For The First Time

Post-punk is having a blast this year with so many important releases. One of the highlights would be the debut album from Londoners Black Country, New Road. Its chaotic but balanced nature makes it sound different every time you listen to this 41-minute long masterpiece – it’s like the band is improvising and jamming. Jazzy, punky, intelligent, slow build, intense roller coaster ride – close your eyes and get lost in it. Spotify

Smerz – Believer

A magical experimental art performance in a middle of a Scandinavian rave – that’s the highly anticipated debut album from Smerz. Catharina Stoltenberg and Henriette Motzfeldt boast their musical influences mixed with local tastes and a tiny bit of eery sorcery. A very important electronic release to look out for. Spotify

Claud – Super Monster

If you’re a part of Gen Z or want to really get into Gen Z’s mindset, Claud‘s debut Super Monster is a witty, melodic indie-rock encyclopedia to sit and explore. Inbetween been sad and masking it with humor, Claud creates an album that is unconventional, hopeful, and promising. Spotify

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Carnage

Don’t be fooled by the album title! The only carnage Nick Cave and Warren Ellis ignite here is the fulfilling blissful sensation of peace after a terrible storm (that was 2020 and, perhaps still is, 2021). Biblical narrative, fan-favorite sound, heartbreaking vocals, and beautiful lyrics – Carnage shares the search journey for hope and the light at the end of the tunnel. Spotify

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – L.W.

Australian rockstar superstars return with their seventeenth (!) album and unsurprisingly nail it once again. L.W. is an intriguing cohesive release where the band investigates funky, Middle East-inspired psychedelic tunes, providing their devoted fan base and rock lovers with contagious choruses and incredibly rich instrumentation. Spotify

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