Extravagant Shambles presented a Burlesque Night to remember last Friday with their event I Know Who You Did Last Summer

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On Friday 20th July, in the small and cute 800A bar near Gesundbrunnen, we were in for a fearsome and feathery evening of burlesque, magic and performance art. Organised by Chloe Gale, stage name Cadbury Parfait, a cabaret of 8 special acts and one hell of a drag queen host, this show was not something to miss and indieBerlin is looking forward to more events like this in the future!

To commence and lead the night of excitement was drag queen Sarah Tonin, who introduced and praised each act, got the crowd cheering and laughing with the typical host jokes and presented classic humour needed to rouse an audience.

The first act was Mademoiselle Rififi, a well-to-do Victorian come naughty call girl, that kept a bit of Victorian modesty before the hard-core Muse track came on and she stripped into a new, darker persona. She had a playful and fun aura that kept the crowd smiling and wanting more.

Extravagant Shambles Indieberlin burlesque

Photographer Credit – Duncan Salkovskis

Next was Elektra Bellefleur, covered in red drapes, lingerie, shoes and with the quality and groovy tune of Tous les memes by Stromae, that lead to some cool dance moves and a seductive dance that lead to (you guessed it!) red nipple pasties.

Saphira Spark was a unique act of the night as she actually sang as part of her performance. She didn’t participate in the usual burlesque stripping, but came out in a corset and sang I’m Feeling Good and felt the song so much it was sexy and seductive without the stripping. She wowed the crowd and had a huge round of applause.

Cadbury Parfait, the organiser of the event, performed next. Inspired by Cleopatra, Cadbury performed a regal and amusing show. Teasing the crowd and pulling the best facial expressions, she put all of her energy into moving in a way that was seductive and confident. She had a panel skirt that she pulled away and a whole chest piece covered in jewels. Being last before the break, people were so entertained by the power she exuded.

Cadbury Parfait Extravagant Shambles in Berlin with indieBerlin

Photographer Credit – Duncan Salkovskis

Next came a very dark and twisted act by Amour von Dark, who came out dressed as a nun and then elaborately ritualised her dance. Turning the wooden cross she came out with upside down, stripping out of the nun’s wear to show the naughty devil red, and then in a turn of events drank blood and let it drip down her, then, mostly naked body. A very elaborate act mixing the sexy and disturbing!

When being introduced to the stage, Sarah Tonin said that the next act needed no other introducing other than ‘big, black, booty shaker’ and hell, Noéline la Bouche lived up to the title! She was certainly one of the most energetic on stage and got some of the loudest applause because of her bigger than life personality and aura, even confidently removing her pasties to be completely exposed and made the crowd absolutely wild.

After this energetic burlesque, the show changed up a bit with a magic act, Scotty the Blue Bunny. Literally dressed as a blue bunny, he did acts with a red handkerchief, a kind of metallic cone and a balloon. Done comically and in a charming manner, he added some light comedy to the evening.

Extravagant Shambles indieBerlin burlesque in Berlin

Photographer Credit – Duncan Salkovskis

Ruby Decadence was last, but certainly not least. She appeared in a wonderful white gown and definitely looked like an expensive, classic burlesque dancer, known to have shows in New York and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She gave a wonderful performance to end the night.

Overall, Extravagant Shambles – I Know Who You Did Last Summer gave us something sexy, funny and dark within one evening and was definitely worth seeing. To see what Extravagant Shambles has in store for the future, follow them on their Facebook page for more updates!

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