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Welcome to our new feature. We’ve become a little pinterest-obssessive recently, it has to be said, so we thought we’d post some of our favourite treasures each week. Here’s the first looks that inspires us in these days of the onset of winter….from dark to light to fun to frere. These are the looks that we found cool this week. Enjoy!

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Deto Black: Lagos-based artist, photographer, fashionista, rapper, has now appeared in a few films too. Her oddball semi-rap songs leave you wondering how to pigeonhole this young lady, and maybe that’s her point. She’s also got degrees as a chartered account, as a social anthropologist, oh and a master’s in global governance. She told Vogue: “Everyone’s just winging it, honestly.”

What we love most are her mindblowingly refreshing fashion loop-the-loops, from miniskirts to maxi trousers to…everything else. Boring she ain’t.

Ain’t nothing wrong with being proud of your molars.

Gorgeous Ruby Rose Langenheim is a model, actress and ex-MTV presenter from down under. After modelling gigs including for Maybelline, she went on to star in Orange is the New Black (Season Three), Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and John Wick 2. But mainly: she’s just gorgeous.

Great look by makeup genius Lijha Stewart, photograph by Lindsay Adler: “Smokey Eyes, Glossy Eyes, Glossy Lips. Editorial Makeup, Lindsay Adler Photography, Lijha Stewart makeup”

Desiree Mattsson is one of our favourite photographers at the moment: she does stuff from conventional fashion pix to interplays with dark and light that always give us a little shiver. She’s been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair and Elle, among others.

Loving the clothes this man is wearing from Mashael Alrajh, which is the first reason we kept coming back to it; but the dude himself is definitely easy on the eyes: Willy Cartier’s parents are French, Vietnames and Senegalese and it seems like it’s quite a tasty combo….

It’s tough to find good original clothes for men, we find – ones that are other without being too obviously flamboyant or in-your-face. Fashion boutique does a pretty good job tho…

We hope you liked our pinterest tops this week! Check back every Saturday for our current week’s faves.

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