A Scorching Evening of Summer Burlesque at Sunday Soiree

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In the afternoon heat on Sunday 28th, the glamourous and sexy gathered at Primitiv Bar, Simon Dach Strasse. Ladies donned their best pin-up beachwear, whilst men looked dapper in their shorts. A pool was strategically placed outside the bar allowing you to sip cooling cocktails and take a dip in the shallow blue.

After cooling off with a few (probably too many) cocktails, we resumed our seats, eagerly awaiting the start of the show. An evening of Burlesque brought to us by Brave Burlesque and Primitiv Bar. We were greeted at the door by the raven haired beauty, La Viola Vixen who’s hourglass curves were sumptuously poured into an emerald green gown complete with exotic headpiece. The red room at the back of Primtiv was poised and ready for a night of tantalising fun. The host was Lady Lou, dressed in a nautical sapphire stripped swimsuit and sarong, with a strategically placed banana between her bouncing beauties. She was quick to get the crowd worked up in anticipation of the performers.

She even whipped Ken’s impressive schlong out


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First up was Lexi Nightcat in her ode to 90s pop, she was the burlesque Barbie doll, complete with inflatable Ken. Clad in pink leather she pranced around the stage as only Barbie would to Aqua’s hit ‘Barbie Girl’. She brushed her crimped blonde hair and swigged from a pink glittery hip-flask, the big reveal brought Barbie pink crystal pasties and matching thong and she even whipped Ken’s impressive schlong out too.


Her corset was a thing of beauty, covered in crystals

Next came Agata Demon, an exotic yet alabaster beauty. She appeared shroud in red fabric, with an Arabian princess’s crown. She performed to The Prodigy’s ‘Spitfire’ and incorporated fans that had layers of material than when moved looked like flames. Her corset was a thing of beauty, covered in crystals so that it looked like her body was engulfed in flickering flames. Agata teased the audience and made us beg for more, the final reveal came and there she stood in her fiery pasties and red crystal thong. The crowd was feeling hot, hot, hot.

[aesop_image imgwidth=”100%” img=”https://indierepublik.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Agata-Demon.jpg” alt=”Agata Demon at Sunday Soiree review by indieberlin” align=”center” lightbox=”off” caption=”Agata Demon” captionposition=”left”]




Thigh and bum moves that would make Beyoncé jealous


Noéline la Bouche brought took us on a sensual ride, a self described ‘Goddess of Fertility’ danced with high energy to her selected music. The curvaceous and salacious burlesque mama sent the crowd into a frenzy with thigh and bum moves that would make Beyoncé jealous. Her outfit was of golds and bronzes, so she looked like a real goddess and upon the final reveal petal sequins leapt from her bra and showered the stage in shimmer.

Nipples definitely stood to attention


A much needed interval came next allowing people to cool off and grab another drink, whilst girls and guys swing danced to the jazzy music. We return to our seats, excited to see what would happen next and we were not disappointed. There was a wet t-shirt competition live on stage. Two boys and two girls battled it out, standing in a mini pool whilst being showered down with cold water by Lady Lou. The guys took it on their bums, allowing the audience to see just what was under those tight-y whities. The girls took it straight on the chest allowing for everything to be seen through the cotton and with that cold water, nipples definitely stood to attention. After the stage was mopped up by the stage kittens it was back to the performances.

Boa, curly afro and sparkly pasties, fabulous

High octane energy was brought in the form of Loilta Va Voom, a disco-dancing 70s glamourpuss dressed in white fur (god bless her in 28 degree heat), a glittering red jumpsuit, the most fabulous shoes I’ve ever seen and a wonderful purple feather boa. The disco track started slowly allowing the more sensual side of the 70s to be shown by Va Voom, she writhed and danced with her boa as though it was Travolta himself. The music built in pace and then it was full on disco, Loilta threw herself around the stage with such fierceness, taking to the floor to spread her legs and really work the crowd. Slowly the clothing came off until all she was left with was her boa, curly afro and sparkly pasties, fabulous.

[aesop_image imgwidth=”100%” img=”https://indierepublik.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Lolita-LaVoom.jpg” alt=”Agata Demon at Sunday Soiree review by indieberlin” align=”center” lightbox=”off” caption=”Loilta Va Voom” captionposition=”left”]




The highest thigh high split you’ve ever seen

The Diamond Dahlia came next to take us to South America. What can be described as a cross between Lili Saint Cyr and Carmen Miranda, took to the stage in leopard print trimmed with purple tuelle, with the highest thigh high split you’ve ever seen, and a diamanté parrot upon her arm. She worked the stage with the true attitude of a femme fatale and the audience went crazy for this wild woman’s performance. She finished with a cheeky shimmy of a wonderful pair of glittery pasties.

Both sexy and majestic

To finish we had Lotti Lieblich, who gave us a stunning mermaid routine, starting on the floor complete with mermaid crown, sparkly bra and metallic mermaid tail, Lotti writhed around the floor, it was both sexy and majestic. She pulled off some fantastic shoulder stands as she pealed away the tail to reveal stockings. The tempo increased and she took to her feet to dance. Lotti teased the audience removing one stocking at a time, she even managed to remove one with her toes whilst on her back! To really bring the cheers home, she pulled out a pearl balloon and used that in her dance routine. Then in just her crystal pasties and mermaid thong, pulled a shell from her hair, popping the balloon, sending glittery water all over herself. What a finale!

All the girls were truly wonderfully and each performance stood out. The vibe in the audience was great and even though we thought it couldn’t get any hotter, the girls all proved us wrong with their sexy displays.

If you would like to see the girls perform for yourself or think burlesque is something you’d quite like to do yourself, check out Shimmy Shake School of Berlin, led by La Viola Vixen: 

I can assure you their shows are not to be missed and you never know you could be the next budding starlet. Keep your eyes and stockings pealed for Bravo Berlin’s next Sunday Soiree

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