Street Style: Kreuzberg

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It’s no secret that indieBerlin is deeply in love with both Berlin and fashion. In our street style series we seek out people who dare to express themselves through the way they dress. This week we went to the streets of Kreuzberg to see how the locals dress for snow.

By: Elisabeth Thostrup and Tosca Webb

Debatably Berlin’s grittiest neighbourhood, Kreuzberg locals are known for trading in their Sunday best in exchange for the likes of an effortlessly cool track suit and sneakers (paired with an uber-short fringe and septum ring, of course).

Always bustling with youth
An area of Berlin seemingly entirely dedicated to quirky cafes and bars, the shopping is few and far between. That being said, Kreuzberg is home to some of the city’s most notable vintage stores. Flanked with the hobo-chic that Berliners pull off oh-so-well, the streets of Kreuzberg are always bustling with youth and youth culture.

Kreuzberg screams rebellion
With inspiration drawing from the neighbourhood’s roots – punks, bohemians, the LGBTQ community, artists, and counter-culture enthusiasts – the nature of Kreuzberg screams rebellion and anti-establishment through its’ plethora of graffiti murals and late-night parties.

The street style in Kreuzberg is an extension of the creative freedom this neighbourhood harbours, and demonstrates flawlessly the laid-back, progressive thinking that makes Berlin’s fashion so unique.

Dean: “I like Berlin very much. I study fashion here.”
Carlos: “I work as a cook at a fancy Spanish restaurant on the outskirts of Berlin.”

“We’re visiting from Taiwan.”

Lydia: “This coat is from my mother. It’s rare to find this leather jacket with green detailing nowadays.”

Tosca: “It’s faux fur!”

Anna: “Kreuzberg is one of my favorite areas in Berlin.”

Samuel: “It’s an analoge Nikon-camera. “

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