The indieberlin Thone Negron interview – Italian and elegant!

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This week indieberlin presents the indieberlin Thone Negron interview. Thone Negron is an elegant womenswear label based in Berlin. The fashion designer Ettina Berrios-Negron founded the label in 2008, creating precious and high quality pieces inspired by various ethnologies and cultures. All their dresses are environmentally friendly and created with organic and refined fabrics. indieberlin is happy to present his new exclusive collection here.

indieberlin: What triggered your passion for fashion?

Thone Negron: I guess it was quite early, I loved to go over and over the Vogue magazine as a child, that my dad bought for my mum in some airport. I must have been something like 5 years old. The first ” fashion sketch ” that I found , when I moved out of my parents house, was when in was 12 years old. My mum showed me how to sew when I was 13.
The current collection is inspiered by the feeling you would have when you drive on a Vespa though the italian countryside
indieberlin: What are your sources for inspiration generally, and/or for your new collection specifically?

Thone Negron: Often it´s traditional costumes and ethnological background. The current collection is inspired by the feeling you would have when you drive on a Vespa though the Italian countryside.

indieberlin: How would you describe your unique style?

Thone Negron: Colourful, clean and elegant.

indieberlin: How would you describe your new collection?

Thone Negron: Italian-inspired.

indieberlin: Which would you say is the best piece in your current collection?

Thone Negron: I personally love the ” Padua Dress”.

indieberlin: Do you work nationally or internationally? And if internationally, what difficulties do you find exist for doing that?

Thone Negron: We sell in Germany and Switzerland. I love the Swiss, they are reliable and a pleasure to work with.

indieberlin: How do you find the experience of working as a fashion designer in Berlin – in terms of it being a centre of creativity, in terms of the emerging artists and fashion designers?

Thone Negron: The people here in the city are open to fashion and new ideas, which makes the way we work and what we do possible.
Very excited about our first cardigans coming in for fall
indieberlin: What projects do you have planned for the future?

Thone Negron: We are starting to work with knit and I’m very excited about our first cardigans coming in for fall.

indieberlin: How can people find you – online and in the real world?

Thone Negron: In the real world in Berlin Mitte, Linienstrasse 71. and online though our website

Interview by Gloria De Grossi | Edited by Noel Maurice

Photos by Fergus Padel


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