Bakers Eddy fire up Munich and Berlin!

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The four blokes from New Zealand yell the truth of the youth – and you’ve got the chance to catch them live in Germany for the very first time ever. Win tickets here!

Their direct and in-your-face-atitude will blow your mind and take you to another level of power and energy. Bakers Eddy is the sound of four guys who travelled from New Zealand to Australia without anything – no money, no jobs, no relational difficulties – just four 21-year-olds in a new city.

It seems simple. But there’s more behind the curtains: Bakers Eddy is the voice of a misinterpreted and rebellious youth who is just bursting to scream into megaphone and reach the world. It’s energetic in a way that actually makes the adjective itself fall short of energy. It’s powerful and it’s fast and you’ll want to jump so hard that you’ll ruin both the floor and the ceiling.

Bakers Eddy just released their first EP with the ironic title I’m Not Making Good Decisions as a follow-up for the two singles If You See Kay and Sad And Happy. Thematically speaking it’s all about living now and taking everything as it comes. Bakers Eddy do what they feel like instead of pleasing everyone else’s expectations. Their music is grandiose and personal and naked. Giving the finger to our fake digital lives and society’s wish for a comfortably numb mass of impersonal people makes the essence of Bakers Eddy.

No, you can’t have it to go. You’ll have to eat this now and swallow. No doubt their dirty punk will get under your skin and force you to set your normal habits on fire. Relief.

They play in Munich at the Theatron Pfingst-Festival on the 21st of May and in Berlin on the 25th at Musik und Frieden.

Are you feeling lucky? Then go ahead and win your tickets – just send an email to win (at)

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