Beyond the bell jar: Muncie Girls at Cassiopeia

by | indieBerlin

It’s been two months since British punk trio Muncie Girls put out their second LP Fixed Ideals. The record, combining personal and political issues just like the band’s previous releases, sprung to buoyant life on the stage of Cassiopeia on October 27th.

A gloomy mist lingers in Cassiopeia’s basement as the heavy guitar lines penetrate the fog to give way to the post-punk sound of support band No Diving. Formed in L.A. and now operating from Berlin, the lyrics tackle a wide spectrum from societal inequalities to the best hummus shop around the neighbourhood. Not unlike Muncie Girls, their tongue-in-cheek tendencies warmed the crowd up to the main act.

And the audience got thrown right into it as the intricate, brisk Locked Up sped over them. The song hardly lasts two minutes but the alarming lyrics of everyday promotion of self-harm in all its varieties sung over fast-paced instruments make certain it lingers in the heads of the listeners for much longer. The re-assuring track Learn In School that kicked off Muncie Girls’ first album From Caplan To Belsize followed suit to remind there is nothing one can’t learn, even if traditional education isn’t an option.

The diverse crowd was able to catch its breath when the notes to the mellow, wistful High strung. In Between Bands rose awareness to the fire that damaged the Exeter Cavern Club where Muncie Girls and contemporary punk acts made their first experiences playing live. Following a little self-introduction and jab at Brexit, vocalist Lande Hekt urges to ask the eponymous Jeremy on his opinion on the matter.

Hint: The band doesn’t like him.

Hekt continues to preface some of their songs, including the fizzy Bubble Bath, biting Respect, and solidary single Picture Of Health, as the band dives into the matter of mental illness, the well-fare state, and supporting one’s friends. Before performing their encore, Gone With The Wind, Hekt informs us of one of the best nights she’s had whilst on tour: Proceeding their last gig in Berlin, performed at Cassiopeia as well, her and her band mates were invited to the skate hall right next to the venue. The audience might have not gotten the same invitation this time around, but the positive, vibrant passion that spread from the stage surely made it an unforgettable experience without.

Muncie Girls are continuing to tour Europe for a couple more dates until heading off to their first US tour. If you’ve missed your chance to catch them this time around, don’t fret: Come January they return to Berlin to support English emo band Basement.

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