High on Dub FX | Live review

by | indieBerlin

If you weren’t there, you missed one of the craziest concerts ever! Last night we got a peak of how heaven looks like inside.

Half an hour after 8, a guitar, a sax, a laptop and an unmistakable voice meet on an empty stage. One of the most colorful and distinct crowds I’ve ever seen gathered together from minute one under the Dub FX effect. People of all ages, social categories and beliefs reunited for the love of good music.
We didn’t have a single second to catch our breath. Lost between all kinds of rhythms, jazz, reggae, hip-hop, samba, drum n bass and dubstep, we felt like we could go on until death.

“I aim to come and just give you my sound and my spirit on stage, that’s all I’m here to do.”

The atmosphere was so electric! The sax was out of this world. DubFX not only delivered but was one with the audience. We did not even need too much interaction to understand that he enjoyed the audience and vice-versa. The light show was yet so simple but completed the night so well. Just a couple of reflectors with rhythmic blue, orange, green and purple colored our minds all night.

I lost myself. I didn’t know what time of day it was until the concert ended. I would do it every day, again and again. Dub FX, Mr. Woodnote & Friends delivered more than 3 hours of pure energy. We danced our asses off all night and at the end, we couldn’t feel more alive. Huxley’s was on fire!

It’s really hard to put into words the energy from the concert. What I can say for sure is that all of us left zen AF. I’m 100% sure everybody after the concert validated their tickets for the public transport, smiled more and worried less. I would recommend attending one of DubFX live performances for an urban detox: getting high on good music while we lose ourselves to dance.

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