In conversation with: Los Pitutos

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indieBerlin is excited to present Los Pitutos, the Chilean-Colombian quintet making their mark in Berlin – and we have a pair of free tickets to offer for a rare upcoming appearance at Marie Antoinette!

With each member of the band prolific in their own areas of the classical microcosm, their music is an intriguing melting pot of different Latin genres. We speak with the group regarding their latest record, query their artistic process, and investigate what the future looks like for Los Pitutos.

indieBerlin: Could you talk us through your creative process?

Los Pitutos: Our creative process is based on the experience in the classical musical world, mixed with Latin popular music. Most of the Pituto repertoire is based on true story. Stories of love and lovelessness.

IB: How is your upcoming record different from your last one – how have you developed as artists over the course of the writing and recording process?

LP: It was a long process to define our Pituto style. At first it was very simple and more acoustic, and during the recording process we evolved to find our own sound and style.

IB: Regarding your upcoming gig at Marie Antoinette, are you excited for the show?Do you have any tricks up your sleeve(s) for the performance?

LP: We are very excited to play here in our city, Berlin! One of the most interesting parts of our last concert [at Marie Antoinette] was the public’s euphoria during the whole show. The key was to put all our hearts at their disposal and enjoy being on stage, which is what we’ll do next April 17th at Marie Antoinette.

We want to have a more intimate evening this time, using more acoustic sounds, creating an more personal interaction with the audience. One of our tricks is to combine spontaneity with our hard work during rehearsals. People want to enjoy themselves and live in the moment, and forget about their problems. We want to give them that!

IB: How do you want your audience to feel when they hear one of your compositions?

LP: Our audience is very varied. From young people, adults and senior citizens, across different continents. What unites us is romanticism and passion for our songs regardless of the language and culture. If you think about it, we are a Latin band based in Berlin with songs sung in Spanish. What unites us is music.

IB: As you’re all from that rich musical upbringings, it must be a fairly complex songwriting process with so many ideas floating around. How do you handle so many artists from different backgrounds?

LP: It is not easy to focus easily when you have so many ideas floating around, but we believe that the magic is to mix those ideas and turn them into music. As artists we have grown together. We have studied for many years in the conservatory, and the popular music we carry in our blood. We are almost a family where everything is shared and spoken. One of the most important things is to have many ideas and play with that, but most important is respect the ideas that are provided and decide democratically. In other words, be a team.

People want to enjoy themselves and live in the moment, and forget about their problems: we want to give them that

IB: Are there any artists you’d like to collaborate with?

LP: We would like to one day collaborate with orchestras (already in progress for 2020!) , as well as with popular Latin musicians recognised worldwide such as Mon Laferte, Ruben Blades, Oscar de Leon, Natalia Lafourcade, etc. Our goal is to unite the classical and popular music worlds even more.

IB: What does the future look like for Los Pitutos?

LP: We recently travelled to Munich for a live radio session, and will play at Marie Antoinette before embarking on our first tour in Australia. In May, we’ll be part of Crescendo Festival UDK, and will also be playing on the 1st May at the Jubiläums Konzert in collaboration with the Munich Philharmonic, an open air concert outside the concert hall Gasteig.

Los Pitutos will be playing a rare concert at Marie Antoinette on April 17th – for your chance to win a pair of tickets, send an email to win(at) The quintet never fail to deliver a fiery and energetic performance – this one’s expected to sell out pretty quickly, so we’d recommend you snap up your tickets soon!

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