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Melt! Festival this year was a blast and indieBerlin was happy to be there! In between bunches of great music and trying to stay out of the serious sun, we managed to sit down with a few of our favourite artists, and this is the second in our short series of Melt! interviews. Eveline is an exciting up-and-coming Berlin-based band that’s been on indieBerlin’s radar for quite some time. We sat down with one-half of this exciting duo – Lisa Kögler.

indieBerlin: So tell us what Eveline have been doing since you headlined the concert series “Basement Bash” in Berlin last December.

Lisa Kögler: At that time we were still in the recording process of the single “Jealousy” that we just released this June. It was a lot of fun, working with the new producer and we have been shooting a music video and it was all a sneak peek of what is coming next, which is our new EP in the fall.


We all wanna be loved and recognised, we are all the same, even if we’re different.


indieBerlin: Do you think there will be a big difference between the two EPs?

LK: Well the vibe will be a lot more chilled. Eveline is a very dramatic concept but we’re now moving into a more smooth, soul, R&B direction.


indieBerlin: Tell us about your new the music video for Jealousy.

LK: I love shooting music videos, it’s always super fun and definitely one of the benefits of being a musician. I love visualising my music and I love acting so combining that while coming up with an artistic concept is extremely interesting.

indieBerlin: What is the concept behind the single?

LK: Jealousy is a breakup song. But it is also asking yourself these questions, “Why are you jealous? How does being jealous affect me? And how do I experience it?” The main concept is that the main character is in a dream and in that dream she starts facing herself in different characters and settings, so basically, everything you see is what happens subconsciously when you start getting jealous. It can be easily emphasised by sexuality but it is not only that, it is also about being terrified and holding back, which you don’t do in your dream. In the end, jealousy, even if it’s experienced differently, is a very similar feeling for everyone. We all wanna be loved and recognised, we are all the same, even if we’re different.


I promised myself that I would perform at Melt!Festival in 2018 and here we are!


indieBerlin: How different your new EP is going to be from the first one?

LK: I think it is going to be more chilled. Eveline is a very dramatic concept in a way but we want to go more into a smooth soul-ish direction, that would be our new influence. I’m very happy to release new songs. Our first EP “Scared” was very interesting to work on, but I think the new one will represent more where I wanna go with my music.


indieBerlin: How did you get to perform at MELT festival?

LK: Well, to begin with, we were picked by Warsteiner as their “talent of the month”. They had heard our music and got in touch which ended up with us working on a video with them where they filmed our release concert this June. They then wanted us to play on their #musikdurstig stage at Melt! Festival which is amazing because, for me, playing at Melt! Festival was one of my biggest goal of the last year. I was here last year as a groupie of NAO and The Lemon Tricks and, almost as a joke, I promised myself that I would perform at Melt! Festival in 2018 and here we are!


indieBerlin: So next year you’ll play the main stage?

LK: Well, it worked once!


indieBerlin: So as a Berliner, you know Melt!Festival. What do you think makes it special?

LK: Well, they have a lot of electronic influences and DJs but still so much live music. I usually really like their line-up. This festival is very indie, and alternative and this is everything I love.


indieBerlin: What does indie mean to you?

LK: I think Indie is so often used as an overall word that you cannot put directly into pop, but it also means that also I have the freedom to do whatever I want with every new song. That I don’t have to stick to something, it means trying out, experimenting, that’s why I think our sound is indie, even though we are doing commercial music, we try to stay away from the mainstream pop so we like to use the atmospheric synth sounds to create a more indie vibe.

indieBerlin: What is next for Eveline?

LK: We are gonna play a lot of shows in the summer and mainly recording and mixing the new songs. We will be playing SampleMusicFestival 2018 on August 31 at Cassiopeia.


Check out Eveline’s new music video Jealousy below.

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