JOSY & PONY: Indécent Pur-Sang

by | indieBerlin

Mellow Sunday afternoons are for squares – to combat this, indieBerlin is excited to share neo-punk outfit Josy & Pony’s latest video Indécent Pur-Sang with you, dearest Reader.

Described as “inspired by the French sixties, with some delicate shoegaze revival sounds and a real punk energy”, the debut album of this exicting new band drops on October 5th. If you can’t bear to wait that long, fret not – you can take a listen to their latest single right now.

With a vibrant, punchy energy reminiscent of riot grrrl potency, it’s the kind of high-intensity record that’ll make you want to kick off your slippers and shout at your mum. Their album Eponyme tackles themes of political extremism and the power of feminism head on, and we implore you to sit up and take notice.

Like what you hear? Familiarise yourself with Josy & Pony’s Facebook and official website, before sulking all afternoon, comfortable in the knowledge that you’ll never be as cool as them.

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