Kodaline’s new Politics of Living

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Do you know that feeling of getting to bed after a hot shower and falling asleep in fresh clean sheets? That’s Kodaline in a nutshell.

The Irish pop-rock band is now celebrating its third album, “Politics of living” which we’ll hear live on 7th October @ ASTRA Kulturhaus, Berlin.

It’s a pretty known fact that at least 80% of their concerts end up with a marriage proposal because of their musical style: poetic, romantic and profound.

My all-time favorite from them must be “All I Want” and “High-Hopes”, both being for years in my “Top 20 songs to cry after a brutal break-up, I’m not fine,” playlist. All of their videos are deep, carefully crafted and always full of meaning.

“The band’s debut album, In A Perfect World has sold over a million copies worldwide and imprinted itself on the nation’s consciousness with streaming figures well into the 100s of millions. On Vevo, the band’s videos have had over 200 million views, and they have sold over a million singles.”

Although the first album came out in 2013, followed by the second two years later, the band “chilled for a bit” and took their time for “Politics of living” that just got out of the oven. I must admit I feel like something has changed meanwhile, the style is different from the other two albums.

Some songs have that kind of general trace of a teenager-lalala-summer vibe

The new one sounds just a little bit more commercial than the previous ones. My thoughts are that they might have prepared the ground for the US market. It’s also known that for the third album they teamed up with some of the hottest production and writing talent imaginable including hitmaker supreme Steve Mac (Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran), pop guru Johnny Coffer (Rag N Bone Man, Beyonce), Jonas Jeberg (Dizzee Rascal, Kylie Minogue), Stephen Harris (Miles Kane, Kaiser Chiefs) as well as long-time collaborator Johnny McDaid (What About Us by Pink).

Some songs have that kind of general trace of a teenager-lalala-summer vibe but overall I find it suitable for an afternoon on the couch mindlessly scrolling Instagram.

Give the album a try and see you next week @ ASTRA Kulturhas for another marriage proposal.

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