Michael Malarkey: blood, sweat and sound – Vampire Diaries star plays live in Bi Nuu 23.1

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michael-malarkey-mongrelsMulti-talented singer-songwriter-actor Michael Malarkey renders another brooding deep cut with new single “Graveracer”, the first offering and title track from Michael’s upcoming second full length album, due for release on 10th January 2020 via Cap on Kat/Kartel.

Best known as the charismatic Enzo in the CW’s television series “The Vampire Diaries” and Captain Michael Quinn in Robert Zemeckis’ executively produced “Project Blue Book” for History. The British-American talent has simultaneously cultivated a body of work that established him as a distinctive and captivating crossover talent, winning over audiences in both the music and acting arenas.

After achieving fame as Enzo in The Vampire Diaries Michael Malarkey is getting back to playing music.

Malarkey went on to pursue professional training in London in 2006, loading up his acting resume while still “banging around on a guitar and writing countless songs.” His villainous practice proved practically fortuitous when he landed his Vampire Diaries role in 2013, and his musical beginnings came back into play when he decided to finally unleash some solo material in 2014.

Michael Malarkey live in Bi Nuu this Thursday 22.1 – ticket link here

Written in 2018 between Puerto Rico and Vancouver whilst Michael was working on both the 50 Cent-produced crime drama “The Oath” and “Project Blue Book”, during a time of physical and emotional turbulence – Michael, the cast and crew were evacuated from Puerto Rico during the build-up of Hurricane Maria – an experience that has bled into the artist’s lyrical imagery through the record, perfectly depicting the tense feelings coming from the fragile balance of work and home.

“During the time I was working on the record, I escaped two hurricanes – as well as a third, I suppose, my own personal one. This Barrio Central 2010 003 record is my Odyssey in a way. It’s the journey back home after being ravaged in the seas of your own mind and finding the strength to carry on after the storm. I was left with a feeling of freedom and I found it through these songs. The opening track to the record, ‘Graveracer’, is the hearthstone of this journey. The road may be dark, but the night is full of stars” reveals Michael.

Recorded at Tesla Studios in Sheffield, UK and produced by Michael and dark-folk maverick singer-songwriter A.A. Williams, “Graveracer” is a visceral body of work and a masterful culmination of the last few years of Michael’s musical development, drawing together the strength of his unique live performances and influences in what is one of the most captivating releases of the year.

He is currently touring through Europe, spreading his unique sound and confirming the praise he received from prestigious magazines such as Metro, Billboard, Classic Rock and The Guardian. Check out the tour dates and if you are in Berlin on the 23rd, join us for an incredible night filled with talent. 

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