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If one would switch on a record player, put on a pair of headphones, sit back on a sofa, and play a record whilst resting one’s eyes, Mothers debut album When you walk a long distance and you are tired would be a perfect fit to just float into a more sensible and calmer place.

On June 2nd, at Badehaus Szimpla, I arrived at a 30 max audience filled venue. Purple headlights hovered over the 4 piece indie band from Athens, Georgia. Guitarist Drew Kirby was on the floor tuning his guitar next to an amp, whilst Kristine Leschper stood centre stage, strumming away on her guitar, clearly showing that she’s the front woman of the act.

I made it just in time for my favourite track It Hurts Until It Doesn’t. I remember I saw this song played for the first time on Audiotree and it immediately made me a fan of Mothers. I loved the live version of that song, and I was not at all disappointed when they played it live in front of my eyes, as it was as good as the first time I heard it.

Clear signs of the struggles she had

Lockjaw is made up of a chorus This is how it often goes and one needs to know that the tracks were written by Kristine when finishing art school and there are clear signs of the struggles she had with both her ex-boyfriend and herself.

With Hold Your Own Hand Kristine is showing that she is ready to love again, as she belts out “I think I’m ready to love”. Her broken heart filled the room with love, and I could see the girls in the guys’ arms slowly waltzing, whilst I sat on a stool admiring such a passionate view.

High and haunting

Blood-Letting is another track that stands out, and even if does have lyrics like  I crawled myself back into alone, Kristine’s vocals are just so high and haunting, that you kjnow the girl can carry her solo act just as well.

In fact for the last song of the night, when all her male bandmates left the stage, Kristine showed just how powerful her and her vulnerability is as she serenaded Too Small for Eyes.

I predict a big road ahead

I’ll be honest: Kristine Lescheper and her band Mothers are anything but small, in fact I predict a big road ahead of them, so much that Consequence of Sound has already listed their album under the top 25 albums of 2016 so far.

As for me I know now which record to put on, when I walk a long distance and I’m tired. Mothers. Bless them.

Review by Shawn | Edited by Noel Maurice

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