Preview: Lightning Dust at the Privatclub

by | indieBerlin

Next week, Lightning Dust will be taking the Privatclub by storm with their unique brand of Indie-rock.

Over a decade ago, somewhere in Vancouver, Amber Webber and Joshua Wells of the psychedelic rock band, Black Mountain, were contemplating creating a softer and more melodic music act than what the band that brought them notoriety were making. A plan was hatched to do just that and thus, Lightning Dust was formed.

Of course, with anything like this, it is no easy decision to make. Fortunately, though, the Canadian duo followed on their prerogative. 12 years and 4 albums later, and with their music appearing in TV shows such as hit UK series Skins, it has transpired that it was a good decision and one that has paid off as they are still going strong- with the Privatclub being just one in a huge line of venues they have graced over their 12 year history.

Their trademark is spooky and gothlike lyrics with lethergic, folk-esque instrumentals. A sound that was fairly commonplace when the modern indie-rock explosion at the start of the twenty-tens but have since waned, with proving they have the staying power as a group in this regard.

While many of the bands from a similar era have headed into a more defined, and clean-cut sound, Lightning Dust has continued with a sound that is inherently hard to define. Some of their earlier tracks that are must listen to include the short, but sweet Wind Me Up, or my own personal favourite track of theirs, I Knew (the track that appeared in the aforementioned Skins episode). These can give you a solid definition of them as a band of old.

However, it is their fourth album, known as Spectre, that brings them to the stage of the Privatclub. Released last month, the album had built up a lot of hype beforehand due to the three singles as they dropped leading up to the eventual release date.

Webber’s voice continued to demonstrate it is as powerful in these pre-released tracks and her vocals fit perfectly to Wells melodic prowess. Particularly this stands to be true on the first track to hit the sound waves, Devoted To. While elsewhere in the new releases they demonstrated versatility, with the quirky, weirdness of Led Astray and its accompanying video. While the heavily synth-infused drama of Never Again showed how powerful they can be as a duo.

Now, the full album is out we can fully understand what the band is bringing to their fans. Much like what the pre-releases promised, this is a more mature sounding and, in some ways, a fairly experimental tack; picking and choosing from various eras but with their own personal tweak. As a band now 12 years old and now comfortably established in their own right, this confidence to combine different sounds and stray away from prior conventions is to be expected and they use it to good effect.

All of this and more is what likely what you can expect to see next Tuesday and the Privatclub so if that sounds appealing get yourself a ticket.

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