Preview: Mild Orange at Kantine am Berghain

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Mild Orange bring their unique Kiwi brand of dreamy psychedelia to Berlin’s Kantine am Berghain.

Seldom have bands blended a sense of humour and sexiness as well as Mild Orange. With a myriad collection of influences, from indie-rock to R ’n’ B, their songs feel timeless. Undertaking an extensive tour in support of 2018 debut album ‘Foreplay’, the quartet are sure to put on an unmissable show on their Berlin date. Danceability and silly fun feel occasionally mutually exclusive in this city, but that shouldn’t be the case here. Moreover, here at indieBerlin we are delighted to be giving away two free tickets to one lucky winner in our raffle.

Music made, in their words, “with love in New Zealand, for the world” is a straightforward and understated manifesto. It may be the simplicity of this vision which has led to their success in just two years. It’s no mean feat to have already released a critically well-received album and embarked on a European tour. The consistency of the songs across the album suggest that their success is not through blind chance. Standouts are ‘Stranger and ‘Some Feeling’, both employing hooks very efficiently and exemplary of the band’s humorous side. Bringing in genre elements such as rap on ‘~Outro’ speaks to a willingness to experiment that adds to their appeal.

Whereas other artists associated with the indie scene tend towards introspectiveness and darkness, its refreshing to hear a band so at ease with a more light-hearted approach. Like their titular colour, they want to evoke “optimism, a boost in aspiration, and a stimulation of warmth and happiness.” And they are largely successful in doing so. As an antidote to affected moodiness (usually in eyeliner, black and white photoshoots etc.) they are remarkably potent. If fun and sex appeal are your bag then Mild Orange seem a timely prescription. If not, you might want to re-evaluate where you’re at in life.

Mild Orange play Kantine am Berghain on the 4th May. Tickets are available here and to enter our raffle just send an email to win(at)

Photo credit: Rupert Ollivier

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