The fabulous Ryan O’Reilly and support act The Glass Child captivated the audience at KlubHaus14 last weekend

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On Friday 8th October at the stylish and contemporary new venue ‘KlubHaus14’, as this unbearably depressing global pandemic continues to take everything enjoyable away from us, talented singer-songwriter Ryan O’Reilly and his brilliant support act The Glass Child came together to distract the audience from the bleak current situation for a couple of hours.

Of course, all Corona-conscious precautions and safety measures were in place, but this did not in any way detract from the wonderful evening. Ryan and Charlotte (The Glass Child) managed to retain a deep sense of intimacy within the venue, chatting and singing from the stage to create a real ‘closeness’ – in figurative terms – between themselves and their audience.

At times hilarious, at times extremely moving, both Charlotte and Ryan’s performances provoked a true variety of emotions in the audience, with the overriding feeling stemming from an intense gratefulness to finally be experiencing live music again!

Charlotte’s soft and beautiful vocals struck a chord with all listeners, and her talent for songwriting and performing shone through as she wowed with her stunning voice and graceful guitar playing.

The Glass Child wowed with her stunning voice and graceful guitar playing

Ryan’s extremely catchy tunes quickly had the audience hooked. He demonstrated his multi-tasking / multi-instrumentalist skills with his combination of guitar and harmonica, and his beautifully unique vocals made his performance impossible to turn away from!

Ryan’s extremely catchy tunes quickly had the audience hooked.

Song-dependent funny or sad introductions charmed his listeners, supported his reputation as a passionate storyteller and displayed his ability to engage with any and every audience, in any and every situation.

Should you ever get the chance to see Ryan O’Reilly or The Glass Child live again any time soon, you must go – it was a truly unmissable evening!

An unmissable evening

A heartfelt thank you to Ryan and Charlotte for reminding us of the beauty of live music!

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