Video Premiere: Deer – In The Shadows (THOT remix)

by | indieBerlin

We’re excited to present the German premiere of Deer’s video for In The Shadows (THOT remix).
The Mexican duo – comprised of vocalist Adriana Falcón and multi-instrumentalist Miguel Bastida staple of the Asian festival circuit, having toured throughout China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, Spain and Estonia.
Playing with industrial soundscapes and experimenting with pulsating bass sections, Deer are guilty of blending a number of genres to create something totally unexpected. It’s all part of their self-released EP Portraits, a commentary on Western postmodern crises. Brimming with gravelly guitar lines and intricate weaving textures, Falcón’s rich vocals provide an interesting contrast to the carefully constructed instrumentals without being overbearing. It’s hypnotic and moody and very well produced, and is perfectly complemented by the aesthetics of their new video.

As an EP dedicated to telling the stories of Hong Kong residents, Portraits examines and dissects each character’s life in pristine detail. Tackling meaty subjects such as immigration and the trouble with ambition, Falcón and Bastida certainly aren’t shying away from the issues they feel need to be addressed. The clean lines and minimalist approach avoid the trap of taking too much attention away from the track itself, whilst still maintaining a grungy artistic relevancy. It’s sometimes poignant and occasionally nostalgic, and definitely worth a listen.

Like what you hear? Have a listen to some of Deer’s other work, or support them via Bandcamp here.  Alternatively, you can catch Deer live at Madame Claude on November 16th, as part of their donation-based Freaky Friday sessions.


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