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Katy Kirby, an indie artist and singer/songwriter from Texas, is special for her soulful voice and lyrics.

Katy kirby’s latest album Blue Raspberry now out for download.

Would you join me for an afternoon, for vanilla tea and delicate French crêpes? Or perhaps we could meander through the Scottish Highlands, pausing to befriend the gentle coos?

These visions dance in my mind at the sound of Katy Kirby’s, a melody that transports me to a realm of whimsy and warmth. Listening to her songs, I am taken back to a time of childhood, as if I were once again gathering gleaming, twisted wrappers of crystalline candy.

Her eyes burn white as styrofoam, right into meshe’s sugarcane split open, she’s a jaw about to singand she’s shaking little packets before she pours ‘em in her drink she adds them in an order, it goes–yellow, blue, then pink–Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry” bearing the same name as its album, emerges as a queer love-themed song. “I felt like I was intending to write love songs for the first time. Once I realized they were queer love songs and celebrating artificiality, I wanted them to sound like they were bidding for a spot in the wedding reception canon,” Kirby said.

Other songs by Katy Kirby, such as “Drop Dead” and “Cubic Zirconia” also show how music has the power to take us on journeys, not just through the stories told in lyrics but through the emotions and memories they stir within us. 

Face framed by hoodie like an oyster in a shelland your eyes are rolling at me as a pair of angry pearlsyou’re the prettiest mermaid in the souvenir shopbut if you’re coming home this late you know you’d better be drunkyou’d better be drunk–Cubic Zirconia

The inclusion of such a rich and diverse array of instruments in the album, extending beyond the beat of the guitar, bass, drums, and percussion in “Blue Raspberry” suggests a deeply layered soundscape. The orchestration—featuring the piano, clarinet, flute, violin, and french horn, lifts you to the Grasmere Lake, where the foliage whispers beauty.

I want to know, which particular song or album of hers evokes your most cherished memory?

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