Eddy Shore’s New feel-good Summer Tune “On the Hype Again” is the Perfect Soundtrack to Final Days spent in the Summer sun

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Berlin-based musician Eddy Shore has just released his new, upbeat single “On the Hype Again”, making a comeback after his 2017 EP “Patience”.

You feel like anything is possible

This feel-good track, funky from the get-go thanks to its catchy and rhythmic beat, is about overcoming the difficulties that can arise from creating music, whether it be full-on writers block or just a plain lack of satisfaction. “On the Hype Again” represents the second-wave and euphoria that comes from pushing through this creative resistance, so that once again you feel like anything is possible.


You’re on the hype again!

Eddy is influenced by many genres, varying from rock to pop to folk to indie to electronic. With a strong focus on storytelling which is common in Eddy’s music, “On the Hype Again” is a combination of rap and pop driven by a strong beat and Eddy took a lot of inspiration from Ed Sheeran’s “You Need Me I Don’t Need You”, Alt-J, Allan Rayman and Two Feet.


In “On the Hype Again”, you can experience the intertwining sounds of acoustic guitar, the rhythmicity of raw percussion and dreamy lead guitar.

Eddy Shore has a unique ability to connect with his listeners and take them on his very personal journey of self-discovery and artistic creation, perhaps thanks to the fact that his music career began with him busking throughout Australia, the UK and Germany. And it wasn’t just travelling the world that shapes the musician that Eddy is today, but also his own exploration of the inner world of emotions.

Curious about what on earth is happening here? Watch the music video to “On the Hype Again” on YouTube to find out about Coco-Joe, Phat-Lou and Rainbow Shuffling!

Listen to “On the Hype Again” now!

Eddy Shore on Soundcloud | Eddy Shore on Facebook | Eddy Shore on Instagram

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